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Midem - Lasting beauty and style

Midem is a brand on a mission to bring luxury closer to your everyday life. The Midem collection features high-quality white and yellow gold diamond jewelry. Midem aims to offer premium jewelry at an accessible price. The selection is built on classic design language, which is always in fashion. Midem rings are designed to withstand the test of time and maintain their elegance year after year.

Midem's brand is founded on the timeless beauty and longevity of diamonds. Midem jewelry combines traditional gemstone-focused design with modern aesthetics. The cornerstone of the Midem collection is its engagement and wedding rings, available with various sizes of diamonds. Choosing a lab-grown diamond offers a dazzling and ethical option at an accessible price.

From Midem's selection of high-quality and striking diamond rings, you can find the perfect match for your style and life situation. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or a bolder style, there's a ring for everyone. Midem believes that meaningful jewelry creates lasting memories of life's important moments and tells the wearer's story.

Midem rings are designed to endure over time, exuding timelessness in their design. A Midem gold diamond ring is the perfect choice for an impressive engagement or wedding ring, as well as for anyone who values high quality and sustainable beauty.

Lasting quality and elegance in ring choices

Midem's collection highlights lab-grown diamond rings, offering a sustainable and stunning option for both engagement and wedding rings. Lab-grown diamond rings combine the brilliance and durability of natural diamonds with modern technology, allowing you to have your dream ring without compromising on price or responsibility.

Each model in the Midem ring collection is available in four different diamond carat weights in both white and yellow gold. The collection also offers opportunities to mix and match rings to create impressive combinations. For instance, you can combine solitaire rings with band diamond rings to create the perfect wedding ring set for you. Solitaire rings are a classic and elegant choice for engagement rings. Midem diamond rings are perfect for those who appreciate timeless style and high-quality craftsmanship.

Midem rings are more than just jewelry – they are created to accompany you through the different phases of life and to be part of your story. Carry your story with Midem jewelry and showcase your own timeless beauty that endures and grows throughout life.