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Last updated on 31.05.2021

We at take data protection seriously and the trust of our customers is very important to us. In our data protection, we follow both the Finnish law and the GDPR regulation set by the EU. We respect your privacy and give you the opportunity to have a say in how the data concerning you is protected and used. The purpose of this declaration is to inform our customers about our data collection and how we use the data we collect. In order for a customer to be able to use the customer has to accept the terms of our privacy policy. The information that we collect can be divided into three groups: data given to us by the user, data collected from our analytics and data received from the customer’s behavior on our website.

The information collected from the consumer is used to deliver products and services to the customer, to ensure a good customer experience, to keep up customer relationships, to make needed service related contact with the customer possible and to ensure an easy to use and safe service.

The retrieved data may also be used for e-mail marketing and other ways of marketing. E-mail marketing is only delivered to you if you as the owner of the e-mail address have confirmed to consent to its receipt. If you later decide that you don’t want to receive newsletters from us, you can cancel them at any time through the cancellation link which is provided in every newsletter.

Responsible Body

The body responsible for collecting, using and processing your personal data is:

Keskisen Kello Oy (Business ID: 0488993-5)
Onnentie 7
63610 Tuuri

You are welcome to contact our customer service with any further questions concerning the use of personal data:

What type of data can we collect from you and what is it used for?

Data given to us by the customer:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Payment Method
  • Way of Delivery
  • Payment Information
  • Social security number for verification when using Klarna
  • Passport details and other information required by the duty when the customer has the right to make a duty-free order outside of Finland

Data retrieved through analytics and customer behavior on our website

  • IP address
  • Behavior and browsing history on our website
  • Identity information from end device
  • Order history
  • Delivery information, such as delivery address and way of delivery
  • Product reviews

Use of retrieved data:

  • To deliver items and services to the customer and the storing of this information
  • To provide an easy-to-use and safe service
  • To make service related contact with the customer possible
  • To keep up customer relationships
  • To better our service
  • To deliver personalized and targeted marketing and content
  • To prevent misuse
  • For analytical and statistical purposes

Identity, contact and payment information is essential when making a purchase from

The protection, use and storing of information

All the saved personal information is protected from inappropriate use and unsecured third party access. We use a backup system to make sure we don’t loose any important information. The information is stored on the secured server of DigitalOcean LLC which is located in Frankfurt Germany. Both our server and the sever of DigitalOcean LLC are secured with premium quality technical and organizational measures. The use of the register is supervised and only accessed by authorized persons in order to proceed their work tasks. The users are identified with a username and password. The personal information is kept only as long as it’s necessary for us to be able to fulfill the purposes for use listed in this privacy declaration according to EU GDPR regulation standards. Some of the information might be kept for longer due to regulations concerning our obligations in the context of accounting and other official obligatory procedures.

We only use reliable contract partners, and some of the information might be transferred to these trustworthy third party partners. Our contracts with these third party partners are always made following the legal requirements of EU GDPR law. You can read more about our third-party partners a little further down this page.

The company responsible for data processing:
Keskisen Kello Oy (Business ID: 0488993-5)
Onnentie 7
63610 Tuuri

Controlling your personal data

As our customer you have the right to:

  • Access information regarding your personal data. You may request a copy of the information held.
  • Correct or delete data concerning you
  • Request restriction of the use of your personal data or object the use of personal information

Contact our customer service to make a request concerning your personal data rights. Our customer service can be reached at

The request should be clarified and clearly stating your identity in order for our customer service to identify you and verify your identity. If we can’t fully proceed your request, we will contact you without hesitation. For example if we are legally responsible to retrieve and store the information you request us to delete, you will be informed about this.

You can easily access the data held by us about you by logging onto your user account. You can access your use account by

  1. Click the ’’log in/register’’ link which you can find in the right-hand corner of our homepage when browsing our website on a computer or the grey button which is located in the left-hand side corner of the screen of your mobile device.
  2. Log in using your e-mail address and password. If you can’t recall your password you can request a new password by clicking the ’’forgot your password?’’ link. Our web shop automatically makes a user account for all our customers.
  3. You can access the saved information regarding your personal data from your user account

After logging into your account you can easily correct your personal information or data for delivery. You can also unsubscribe or subscribe to our newsletter.

The transferring of data to third parties

It is necessary for us to transfer some of the data to third parties to make payment and delivery procedures possible. An example of this is that we need to give your address to the post of Finland when your parcel is send to you. When you want to use Klarna for paying your information will be handed over to Klarna. Customer information may also be used for analytical, marketing and personification purposes in partnership with third party authorities. This kind of information is always made anonymous and pseudonymous as far as it is possible. The anonymized information can’t be identified and connected to you by neither us or the third party authority. The pseudonym information can only be connected to you by us and not the third party authority. Information retrieved from shopping and browsing behavior can be handed over to third party companies in order for us to generate interesting and personalized marketing, services and products for you.

Paying with Klarna

It is necessary for us to transfer data to Klarna in order to make their payment services available for you when shopping at Watchesonline. For example, we need to inform Klarna about your contact details, what you ordered and how much you should be charged for your purchase. Without this information, it is impossible for Klarna to offer you their payment service.

More information can be found in Klarna’s Privacy Policy. Please choose your country of residence from the list in order to display the appropriate information for your region.


Our website, as well as all other up to date websites, make us of cookies. Cookies are consist of small text files stored between your end device and our server which are stored in the customer's local browser storage by our web shop. These text files are only valid for a certain amount of time after which they will automatically be removed. Cookies are used in order for the web shop to perform as intended for example regarding the functioning of the shopping cart. We also use cookies to generate personalized and targeted marketing and to improve our operations through analytics.

Some of the cookies are necessary when using the website. These necessary cookies are for example used to identify the customer, to keep up the user account and to update the shopping cart. It’s good to keep in mind that these cookies help the website to perform and make it easier and more convenient for you to use. The cookies can easily be removed after making your purchase.

We mainly use anonymized and pseudonymized data for our analytics and targeted marketing. The analytical tool we use is Google Analytics which is the market leader of web analytics. With Google Analytics we can make use of the data collected from our website in our analytics. All the information shared with Google is anonymized or pseudonymized.

Like Google Analytics, also the other tools and services that are used for our targeted marketing and analytics make it easier for us to do our job and to ensure you a successful and enjoyable customer experience. These tools allow us to learn more about our customers and their preferences in terms of the products and services that we offer. This again helps us to improve our web shop. You can easily object the use of marketing and an analytical tools by using a private browser (for example through activating Incognito mode on Google Chrome).

Adjusting our privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time by updating this page. This could be in the case of for example changes to legislation or when improving our services. In the case of bigger updates to our privacy policy, you will be informed about the changes made via email.

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