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  1. Lumoava Säde Cufflinks 7361 94 000
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    Lumoava Säde Cufflinks 7361 94 000 €759.00
  2. Saurum Silver Cufflinks SA460400000
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    Saurum Silver Cufflinks SA460400000 €99.00

55 Items

Buy stylish cufflinks easily and quickly from our online store. Cufflinks are a great present idea! Our products are delivered to you fast in original packaging

Cufflinks for all occasions

Our online store has styles from Finnish top brands such as Saurum, Lumoava and Kalevala Jewelry. Cufflinks are decorative fasteners that join the sleeves of your dress shirt together. Traditionally they’ve been a part of the more festive outfits, but many style oriented people like to also in their everyday dressing. Cufflinks look especially fine with shirts combined with suits or blazers.

Cufflinks for every taste

From our wide selection of cufflinks you can find versatile styles that suit every style. Cufflinks are an easy way to personalize your style and to bring a finished look to your outfit. Cufflinks bring luxury to your look, and they help you create a dignified style. For a more neutral and classic look you can find soft and simple shapes to decorate your sleeves with. As for a bolder style we can offer you more angular cufflinks with different themes. When choosing your cufflinks you should also consider your other accessories. When you’re building an outfit for yourself you should choose accessories that match together based on their colours and materials to ensure the final look looks balanced.

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