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New for summer 2023: Garmin Epix Pro

Meet the newGarmin Epix Pro. Discover a stunning new model that will power you for up to 31 days. That's almost double the power of the previous Epix 2. The watch is available in three different sizes: 42 mm, 47 mm and 51 mm, so there's a size for everyone! The bright AMOLED touchscreen offers a great user experience, making it easy and straightforward to track your sport and well-being. Other new features include Endurance score, weather map, built-in flashlight.

Garmin Epix (Gen2) - an advanced smartwatch with bright AMOLED and excellent battery life

Garmin Epix is an innovative combination of both smartwatch and sports watch offering you everything you need to reach your next fitness goal. The stylish smartwatch is built from premium materials and equipped with a bright 1,3’’ AMOLED display which is protected with durable sapphire crystal. Despite its gorgeous AMOLED touch screen, Garmin Epix also offers excellent battery life that will keep you going for up to 16 days in smartwatch mode. The practical combination of both buttons and touch screen makes it easy to control and access the features you need.

Garmin Epix (Gen 2) — most important features

  • A durable design combined with a luxurious AMOLED display
  • 24/7 health monitoring making it easy to understand your body
  • Advanced training features, integrated sports apps and animated workouts
  • Excellent positioning through wide satellite coverage
  • Navigate with precision using TopoAvctive mapping, SkiView and CourseView maps
  • Garmin Pay, smart notifications and your favourite music streaming services

Monitor your wellbeing 24/7

Garmin Epix 2 is equipped with a wide range of sensors and tools for easy access to 24/7 health tracking. Pulse Ox analyses beams of light on your wrist and telling you about your body’s ability to absorb oxygen supporting the accuracy of features such as sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation. With the respiration tracking tool, you are able to keep an eye on your breath during your workouts, breathing exercises as well as sleep. Check your heart rate with accurate wrist-based HR measuring and track the intensity of your workouts even in the swimming pool. Variability in your heart rate is also used for monitoring your stress levels helping you to be aware of the intensity of your day.

Not sure about your sleeping habits? Garmin Epix 2 supports advanced sleep monitoring giving you a complete breakdown of your sleep stages throughout the night. You can always check your sleep score and personal sleep insights on a dedicated easy-to-access widget with just a quick glance. Body Battery is an innovative feature designed to help you in optimising the energy reserves of your body. The feature uses a combination of data including statistics regarding your heart rate, sleep and stress in order to analyse whether you’ve had enough rest to tackle your next workout. The smart hydration tracking tool makes it easy to log your daily intake of liquids to ensure optimal hydration levels. Allow the watch to automatically adjust your personal hydration goal throughout the day based on factors such as how much you sweat during your workout.

Keep an eye on progress and reach your next goal

Reach your next fitness goal with the support of Garmin Epix 2. This smartwatch is equipped with advanced training features inspiring you to give each workout your best shot. Keep an eye on advanced performance metrics and know exactly where you’re at. Choose from a wide library of in-built activity profiles including sports like swimming, cycling, running, rowing, skiing, surfing, golf and so much more. The watch is equipped with animated workouts which you can follow directly from the bright AMOLED display. Try an animated yoga workout, a session of cardio or work on your strength anywhere you are. Besides the preloaded selection of animated workouts, you can always download more from the wide selection of the Garmin Connect app store. The watch offers practical timers for HIIT workouts making it easy to track the intervals of your AMRAP, EMOM and Tabata sessions. Simply set yourself a number of rounds and you’re ready to go.

Garmin Coach is like a free digital personal trainer that will keep you covered in terms of adaptive workout schedules and guidance adjusted to fit your level of fitness and goals. Get daily workout suggestions and never lack ideas for how you should be moving your body. Recovery time gives you an update once you’re ready for your next challenge ensuring you won’t overwork yourself. If you’re preparing for a race you’ll find support from features such as PacePro and a visual race predictor which will help you keep you on track on your training progress and support you in finding an optimal pace. Furthermore, there are special training features for sports like biking, skiing, surfing and golf. Choose your sport, set a goal and the watch will adjust its features to help you give it your best.

Excellent navigation tools

Epix 2 offers a wide selection of maps and navigation tools ensuring you will stay on your route everywhere you go. Explore new places near and far with the support of detailed TopoActive maps. Download maps for your favourite destinations via Wi-Fi to make sure you stay on the map. Hit the snowy slopes of your favourite ski resorts or explore somewhere new with the in-built SkiView maps for more than 2000 destinations around the world complete with piste names and difficulty levels. Access the detailed CourseView maps of over 42000 international golf courses including innovative features such as touch targeting and PlaysLike Distance.

The watch is supported by a range of global satellite systems for navigation including GPS, GALILEO and GLONASS. By being able to access a range of frequencies the watch is able to offer improved positioning even in those areas where GNSS signals commonly are weak or reflected.

Improve your everyday with the support of smart features

Connect Garmin Epix 2 to a compatible smartphone and access emails, text messages, and app notifications conveniently on your wrist. The watch allows you to listen to your favourite playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer. Simply use a pair of Bluetooth headphones and listen to music without your phone. Garmin Pay makes it easy and safe to use your watch for contactless payments. Discover new ways to make your everyday life more smooth, fun and inspiring!

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