Polar Vantage V3

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Polar Vantage V3

The Polar Vantage V3 smartwatch is designed to be more than just a time indicator; it's a constant companion in your daily life. It is carefully designed to support its wearer in every task, whether it's fitness, work, leisure, and most importantly, even sleep. Its versatile features and intuitive interface are designed to understand your needs and thus adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you're an active exerciser, a busy professional, or both, this smartwatch is designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your daily efficiency.

The Vantage V3's wide range of biometric features, AMOLED display, dual-frequency GPS, mapping capabilities, and extensive range of training and recovery tools make it the most powerful Polar watch to date. The Vantage V3's long battery life, new wrist ECG, SpO2, and skin temperature measurement make it ready for world-class performance.

Polar Vantage V3 sports watch is compatible with the Polar Flow training platform. Polar Flow offers a rich set of planning and analysis tools, including automatic training diaries and progress reports, to help you maximize your training. You can also customize your watch from over 150 sports profiles in Polar Flow.


The modern and practical design of the watch combines elegance and functionality, making it both easy and intuitive to use.

AMOLED touchscreen 3.0 with Gorilla Glass

The watch's bright and sharp display significantly enhances the user experience. The Gorilla glass on the watch effectively protects the display from possible scratches and shocks, extending the life of the watch.

53 hours of training time with full GPS and heart rate monitoring

The watch's extra-long battery life allows you to work out without interruption, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a workout. This makes it ideal for long hikes and adventures.

Polar Elixir™

Elixir™ offers an unprecedented collection of new biometric features, enabling a broader and deeper analysis and interpretation of body biomarkers than ever before. Polar Elixir includes features such as wrist ECG, SpO2 measurement, nocturnal skin temperature measurement, and optical heart rate measurement.

  • Wrist ECG: The ECG sensor analyses the electrical activity of your heart, detecting any irregularities in your heart rate and recovery process without the need for a separate heart rate belt on your chest. By simply placing your finger on the watch button, you can get ECG data in seconds.
  • SpO2: An effective measure of blood oxygen levels, which is an important indicator of body function and can give an indication of potential health problems.
  • Nighttime skin temperature measurement: The feature tracks your body temperature fluctuations during the night, helping you understand the quality of your sleep and recovery.
  • Optical heart rate measurement: This feature allows accurate and reliable heart rate measurement, essential information for optimizing your workout.

Offline maps

Allows you to find and follow new routes without a network connection, which is particularly useful when you're moving across terrain.

Optimisation of the leapfrog phase

To help you get the most out of your workouts and recover more efficiently, which can improve your performance in the long run.

Our monitoring

Give a detailed analysis of your sleep, which is key to your recovery and overall well-being.

Smart Coaching

Providing personalized guidance and feedback, helping you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Polar Flow

A versatile tool that offers a wide range of sports profiles, training data, and planning tools to help you track and optimize your training.