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Items 1-90 of 1016

A wide selection of gold jewellery online

Gold is a classic choice when it comes to jewellery. Our selection offers a wide range of gold jewellery with something for every taste. Besides timeless yellow gold, we also have styles in modern white gold and trendy rose gold. Browse our gold jewellery collection and find your favourite style. Because all our jewellery is shipped from our private warehouse which allows us to offer you quick and precise delivery times. Our items are always shipped in their original packaging.

Gold is a precious material which keeps its value. The worth of your gold jewellery depends on various factors such as the gold content of the piece. The gold content of each piece is communicated through karats. The more carats the more pure gold is used in the gold-blend. Because pure gold is very delicate as a material it is necessary to blend it with other precious metals in order for the piece to endure wearing. We recommend choosing a value between 14k and 18k for gold jewellery to be sure it will hold its shape over the course of many years.

Besides affecting the durability of your jewellery, gold-blends also allow adjustments to the colour scheme of the piece. Designers are allowed to fine-tune the colour of the gold by blending precious metals and the hue can range from icy white gold to the warm tones of elegant yellow gold. We are sure that our gold jewellery selection will have something for you! Take your time and browse our wide assortment of colours and styles.

How to maintain the shine of my gold jewellery?

Gold is a durable material that will keep its shine for many years, as long as it is properly looked after. Even 14k and 18k gold are relatively delicate materials and therefore it is important to try to keep your piece safe from scratching. Therefore we recommend leaving your gold jewellery at home when for example heading to the gym. Gold is also a sensitive material when it comes in touch with chemicals. Don’t swim in a heavily chlorinated swimming pool and take off your gold rings when cleaning the bathroom. It is easy to clean your gold jewellery with items you find at home. You can, for example, soak your jewellery in a mild blend of dishwashing liquid (such as Fairy) and water. Allow the piece to soak for 30 - 60 minutes, rinse it well and dry with a soft towel. If you want to achieve the ultimate level of shine you can finish by polishing the piece using a polishing cloth. The shine of your jewellery will make it look brand new!

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