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  1. Tommy Hilfiger Boys 1720019
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    Leijona Leijona 5223-822
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Items 1-90 of 127


You can find a wide selection of children’s watches in our online store. Usually children’s watches are offered only in traditional watch stores and that’s why you should order them online.

Our online store hosts a versatile selection of children’s watches. We have choices for every taste. The watches have different styles and details. You can choose from a multitude of materials and colours. We have for example fabric, rubber or leather bracelets to choose from. When you’re choosing a watch for a child, it’s good to think how old is the child you’re buying the watch for. What kind of wear and tear does the watch need to endure? What kind of style would please the recipient? Would it be nice to have a likeable character in the watch? Acquaint yourself with our wide selection of children’s watches and find the ones that please you!

Children’s watch selection

You can find a large selection of children’s watches from our online store. Our selection has versatile styles and you can surely find a personal watch model for each child. Children’s watches have usually large dials and clear to read numbers to help tell the time. A good first watch for a child could be equipped with a likeable subject or character. When your watch has your favourite subject in it, it’s nice to show it of to your friends and this way you can make getting a new watch a social event that in turn will develop the child. When you’re choosing a wristwatch for boys you might consider a more sporty or adventurous style, where the watch could be combined to playtime or future dreams. For a future football player a suitable watch could have the image of a football. When looking for a wristwatch for girls you might instead think of accessories or colour themes, for example many young girls like princesses and sparkly colours. We will surely not run out of selections when you’re choosing a suitable watch for the young ones.

Your Child’s first watch

Buying the first wristwatch is an important part of the growing process of children. Learning to read the watch and sense of time are important skills to have. It’s good to teach the child how to read the watch and how it can help you know when to leave for daycare or school on time. The first watch can also be an experience for the child. Many children are eagerly showing of their first watches. Today’s digitality has in many cases decreased the amount of usage of watches. Ever more often watches are replaced by cell phones that also results in degrading in children’s ability to read watches. At worst children can’t read a traditional watch dial at all. This causes children to be late and they might lose their sense of time. When you buy children watches that they like, you can make sure that they know how to read the watch and that they have a sense of time.

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