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We offer you a very wide collection of sports watches from the best of brands. All our sports watches are delivered quickly straight from our own stock.

Sport watches with heart rate monitor to boost your training

Would you like to improve your training and exercising, but you just need some extra motivation? If you want to take your training to the next level, a heart rate monitor is a really efficient way to help you do that. It helps you by giving you detailed data of the effects of your training, and you’ll learn how your own body reacts to your exercise. If you’re looking for the best sports watch, we have a very large and versatile selection for you to choose from. A HR sports watch is a suitable tool for professional athletes as well as for people who are interested in taking care of their health. When choosing the right model you should pay attention to your own interests and needs. There might be big differences between sports watches and if you don’t have former experience of these devices we recommend you to ask us for help. You will get the most out of your sports watch when you choose exactly the right model for your needs. At its best the data you receive from your watch will inspire and motivate you to train more and with better efficiency. Browse our wide selection today!

Why is using a HR sports watch recommended?

A HR watch is obviously meant for monitoring your heart rate. By following your heart rate you can track the progress of boosting your condition trustworthily. Moreover, the benefits of a HR sports watch are monitoring and tracking your heart rate zones. There are three heart rate zones: basic endurance, speed endurance and maximum endurance zone. Your watch is able to tell you if you’re training on the right heart rate zone. Especially at the beginning of a sport hobby the trainer may risk training too heavily. Most often modern watches also have activity tracking, so you can check your daily activity. This activity data will be combined with your training and this way you can track your recovery time, and you’ll know better when you can go out again.

Differences of heart rate monitoring technologies

Heart rate monitors can be divided into two categories. There are the traditional chest strap heart rate monitors and then the smaller wrist-based heart rate monitors. The chest strap heart rate monitor is tightened around your chest where it monitors electric signals. These electric signals are located as the heart beats and pumps blood into your bloodstream. The chest strap heart rate monitor sends these heart rate signals into your wrist or mobile device where the heart rate is decoded. Respectively in the wrist-based heart rate monitors you don’t a chest strap monitor. Your heart rate will be decoded from your wrist with an optical sensor that monitors the blood flow from your wrist with an optical light. The heart rate is specified based on the variation of the light’s magnitude glowing on your skin. Choosing a heart rate monitor can be difficult. If you want an easy and comfortable way to monitor your heart rate, choose for the wrist-based monitor. The device on your wrist takes care of everything without a separate chest strap monitor. Then again a chest strap heart rate monitor is recommended if you are interested in swimming or fast interval training. The sensors of chest strap monitors reacts more precisely and works well even in more demanding conditions. From our online store’s versatile selection you can surely find the suitable heart rate monitor for your needs.

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