Delivery Terms


As an E-commerce based in Finland we operate following all the set regulations of Finnish Law, which serve as the foundation for our Delivery Terms. If you need any extra information about us or our operations before placing an order, this is the right page for you to familiarize with our terms.

1. GENERAL TERMS is an online shopping platform managed and owned by Keskisen Kello Oy where the seller of the products is either Keskisen Kello Oy (Business ID: 0488993-5). Keskisen Kello Oy also owns a physical watch shop in Tuuri, Finland. The following terms of delivery are applied when a customer is in a business relationship with Keskisen Kello Oy, which is established when shopping at

Keskisen Kello Oy reserves the right to make changes to the terms of delivery based on one-sided decision making without a preliminary announcement. The orders are treated with the terms of delivery that were valid at the time of placing the order as stated at Any changes made to the Finnish regulation will immediately be applied to the terms of delivery of

Keskisen Kello Oy is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. Force majeure includes unforeseeable circumstances that prevent us from fulfilling our terms of delivery. Keskisen Kello Oy has the responsibility to notify their customers about such unforeseeable circumstances as soon as they can.


Keskisen Kello Oy sells products via to private persons of legal age (referred to hereinafter as the customer or consumer) and to persons under the age of 18 with the approval of the person’s guardian. Goods are also sold to businesses and institutions that purchase the good for professional use or as a corporate gift.

Business to Consumer: When doing business with consumers we follow all regulations required by the Finnish and EU Consumer Protection Laws at that time. These terms of delivery do not restrict the rights of the consumer and are placed due to following mandatory laws.

Business to Business: When doing business with other businesses Keskisen Kello Oy follows the regulations of the Finnish Commercial Law unless it is stated otherwise in these terms of delivery.

When the customer has received his or her order, Keskisen Kello Oy reserves the right to send the customer an email containing a request for feedback regarding the products included in the order. The customer can choose whether they give feedback or not. The given feedback is published on without showing the contact details of the customer. Keskisen Kello Oy uses the data from the received feedback to improve and develop the quality of their operations.

Privacy Policy: The personal data of the customers of the web shop are saved in the customer register of Keskisen Kello Oy and every customer that makes a purchase is automatically made a customer account. The customer register is used to keep up and take care of customer relationships. Keskisen Kello Oy also has the right to use data kept in the register for justifiable purposes (like direct marketing) as it is stated in the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99) with the customer's approval. The customer can choose to object to the use of his or her personal information for marketing purposes by contacting the customer service of Keskisen Kello Oy. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Cookies: uses cookies, which are used to support the buying process and the functions of the webshop as well as in order to further develop the user-friendliness of the webshop. The cookies may also be used to provide our customers with personalized product recommendations and targeted marketing. Cookies are small text files that the server saves on the user’s hard drive. Some of the cookies (necessary cookies) have to be accepted in order to be able to use some of the content on The pre-settings of the user’s browser are likely to accept cookies b default. The user can however object to this by editing his or her browser settings or by clearing the cookies after visiting the webshop. You can find more information about cookie settings by visiting the home page of your browser.


All the prices displayed on the webshop include VAT (Value Added Tax). If there is a clear error in the pricing of a product on our website, and when it can be assumed that the customer is aware of this error, the product is not sold to the customer at the price displayed according to Finnish regulation. When there is an error in the price of a product, Keskisen kello Oy is responsible to immediately notify the customer (that has placed an order) about this. Keskisen Kello Oy does not sell products for resale and reserves the right to decline big batch orders.

Keskisen Kello Oy sells products to customers that fulfil the legal age requirements set by Finnish law. By placing an order and thereby accepting the terms of delivery the customer confirms that she or he has the right to purchase the product.

Products that have been tailored or separately ordered from the factory according to the customer’s wishes can not be returned. If the customer wants to return the product, he or she will be responsible to cover all costs that were caused by placing the order and tailoring the product. However, a tailored or separately ordered product can be returned in the case of a factory defect.


When placing an order via the binding sales agreement between Keskisen Kello Oy (service provider) and the consumer is reached when the consumer receives an email with the order confirmation via e-mail. The payment must be received by Keskisen Kello Oy before the order is accepted, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to reject orders in our sole discretion.

Klarna Checkout Global is currently the only payment option we offer. More information regarding our current payment methods can be found here.

5. WAYS OF DELIVERY delivers to all countries within the EU with the exception of Sweden and Finland. Customers in Sweden can access our services through our Swedish shop Klockmagasinet and customers in Finland through our Finnish shop Keskisen Kello.

All orders above 200€ are offered free delivery using UPS. The delivery charges for orders of 200€ or below are dependent on the destination of the shipping and are displayed for each order at check-out. Our delivery times vary based on the chosen way of delivery, the product availability and the destination of the order. More information regarding the available shipping options, times and prices for available shipping destinations can be accessed via our information page for delivery methods.

As the service provider Keskisen Kello Oy is not liable for delays and failures in terms of performing as stated in this agreement or any liabilities hereunder, which can be considered to be directly attributable to a cause or causes beyond our reasonable control (force majeure). Keskisen Kello Oy reserves the right to separately ship different goods that the customer has ordered at the same time. Furthermore, Keskisen Kello Oy takes responsibility in the case of loss or damage to the product that occurs during the delivery.


We offer our customers (except companies and institutions) a 60-day return policy. During this time the product can be returned or exchanged as stated in the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. In order to be qualified for return och exchange, the product has to be in an appropriate condition for it to be eligible for return or exchange as stated in the 6. chapter of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The purpose of this law is to give the consumers of online shops the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the product before making the final purchase decision, in the same way as they could at a physical store. Consumers have the right to familiarize themselves with the contents of the product packaging and can carefully try on the product. In order to be eligible for a return, the product has to be in the same condition as when it was received by the customer including all the parts of the product that were included with the product. The packaging of the product should be opened with care causing minimal damage to it. In the case of exchange or return the customer is responsible for all related delivery costs and the risk of damages when returning the item.

Restrictions to the return policy as stated in the Finnish Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 6 ,16 §):

  • Engraved products can not be returned following the regulations regarding altered products.
  • Orders can not be returned or cancelled if the product is ordered separately from the factory upon the customer’s request. If the product needs to be ordered or produced separately, it will be clearly stated in the product description.

Returns: Please read our return policy with care before returning or exchanging your order:

Repackaging the return or exchange: It is the sender’s responsibility to repackage the product into its original package or a suitable equivalent. The return should be repackaged with care in order to minimize the risk for damages during delivery. Our minimal requirement for the repackaging is for it to be of the same quality as the packaging in which the product was delivered to you. We are not responsible for damage caused to the product during the delivery of a return or exchange. If the customer has failed to repackage the return appropriately he or she is responsible for any caused costs.


The warranty is determined by the manufacturer’s terms of warranty. The warranty of watches only covers the movement and possible factory defects. The warranty does not cover the natural wear of the other parts of the watch such as the strap, case or glass caused. The warranty terms can commonly be found in the user’s manual that is delivered to you with the watch, or in a separate warranty attachment. The warranty details may also be listed on the manufacturer’s website. The warranty time of the watch depends on the brand, but most commonly it is 2 years. The warranty time is always clearly stated in the product description.

The Repair Location is determined by the manufacturer’s or importer’s warranty terms. You can also contact your local brand retailer with warranty requests. We may instruct our customers to contact the manufacturer or repair shop directly if this can be considered to be beneficial for the customer. Please contact us with any warranty concerns by emailing us at .

Costs caused by unnecessary repairs are considered as the customer's responsibility if it is clear that there was no need for repair. We are not responsible for damage caused by the customer. Unnecessary repair costs include, but are not limited to, possible costs on the repair shop’s side as well as delivery and logistical costs.

Opening the watch case for adjustment ends the warranty and the legal defect liability unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Battery changes should only be done at professional watch shops during the warranty period.


Proof of purchase is required when making a complaint about a faulty product. As the customer of our web shop there is no need for you to worry about the proof of purchase, as it is stored in our system. However, if making a complaint at our physical store a proof of purchase, such as a receipt, is needed.

The processing of complaints is preferably done in written format. You can send your free formatted complaint to us by emailing us at Complaints can also be processed at our physical store in Tuuri, Finland. Customers may also place a complaint through our online contact form.

Products that are damaged during delivery are replaced by us as soon as we can. Even though we put a lot of care when packaging your order, the delivery service may fail to deliver the items undamaged. We advise you to check the packaging and eventually even the product when collecting your parcel. You should place a damage notification to the delivery service provider as soon as you can if the parcel has been damaged during transport. Besides notifying the delivery service provider, please also get in touch with us so that we can deliver you a new item as soon as we can.


This User Agreement will be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Finland. Any contractual disputes are primarily settled through negotiations, in other cases disputes are settled at the Helsinki District Court, Finland.

These Terms and Conditions are interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects following the laws of the Republic of Finland. Any customer disputes are primarily settled together with the customer through negotiations via email. In other cases disputes are settled together with the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board.

Before settling the dispute with the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board it is the consumer's obligation to independently contact the Finnish Consumer Advisory Services.