Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

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  1. Victorinox SwissTool X 3.0327.L
    Victorinox Victorinox SwissTool X 3.0327.L
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    Victorinox Victorinox Swiss Tool MX 3.0327.MN
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69 Items

Victorinox is a Swiss manufacturer for premium-quality folding knives, also known as Swiss army knives. This company has a long history and was founded back in 1884. The founder Karl Elsener launched his first collection of folding knives in 1891 which were designed for the Swiss army and the rest is history. The Victorinox of today is run by the fourth generation of the Elsener family and the company has more than 400 pocket-sized gadgets in their portfolio. The company manufactures approximately 80 000 knives on a daily basis. Even though the production volume is significant, this brand has successfully held on to its high-quality standards which each Victorinox meets. Victorinox knives are granted a lifetime guarantee for material and manufacturing mistakes.

The original Swiss army knife brand

Victorinox is the original brand for Swiss army knives. Choose from a wide selection of models and colour alternatives, and find the perfect folding knife for you. Our wide Victorinox collection consists of the most classy models as well as highly practical keyring folding knives. Victorinox keyrings are small in size and make it easy for you to have a set of tools with you at all times. This family business is the one to trust when it comes to premium-quality multitools. Order your Victorinox folding knife today, and will ship it to you as soon as we can.

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