Polar Grit X2 Pro and Grit X Pro

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Polar Grit X2 Pro - The top new product has arrived!

Polar's long-time favourite receives a much-anticipated update in the spring of 2024. The new Polar Grit X2 Pro watch arrives in three stylish colors. The novelty includes significant updates that enhance the watch's user experience and functionality. Users will be delighted by its new, highly accurate and bright AMOLED display, sturdy steel frame, and updated powerful processor.

The most awaited new feature of the Grit X2 Pro is its precise and bright 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen. The display is noticeably larger and brighter compared to the Grit X Pro model's 1.2-inch MIP display. This improvement significantly enhances the user experience of the new Grit X2 Pro watch.

Three different options

Three different color options were presented for the fresh Grit X2 Pro; black, steel, and gray titanium. The black and steel-colored watches are made of stainless steel, while the titanium gray is made of naturally light and durable titanium.

Polar Grit X Pro — experience the toughest outdoor watch from Polar yet

Polar Grit X Pro is a premium-level outdoor watch launched in October 2021. Compared to its forerunner, you now get even more outdoor features, improved navigation tools and practical additions such as music controls and adjustable brightness. For those who want the best of the best, Polar introduces Polar Grit X Pro Titan — the toughest and most durable Polar to date offering a beautifully lightweight fit.

Polar Grit X — designed to take your workouts to the next level

Take a step towards your next goal. Polar Grit X is a lightweight outdoor multisport watch offering you rock-solid support in achieving your training missions. Tackle your personal fitness challenges and make it to the finish line. This motivating workout buddy features a handsome range of A-level training functions and forms your dream team together with the popular Polar Flow app. Stay on track with where you’re at and where you want to go. When you know your level and keep your goals in mind, it becomes easier to steer towards your goals. With elaborate training data readily available at your fingertips, each workout session becomes a concrete step of your fitness journey.

Most important features:

  • Lightweight, stylish and high-quality design - this watch has been designed to last
  • Efficient training features that boost your motivation
  • An ultra-durable battery - train non-stop up to 40 hours!
  • Features for wellbeing and recovering
  • Discover new routes with Komoot

Polar Grit X is an ultra-lightweight workout partner which has been designed to last. Enjoy the improved battery life lasting all the way to the finish line. The sturdy design of this watch meets military-level quality standards and keeps you on the move even when you’re training in more demanding workout conditions. The modern round design is familiar from the most recent Polar launches and looks good at the gym as well as at the office. Experience Komoot and explore new routes boosting your workouts with this innovative real-time navigation function. The new Hill Splitter™ function ensures that you are prepared for every hill that you’ll get across on your route. Optimize your performance and keep an eye on the strain of each workout session. This watch offers a wide range of features designed to support you in reaching efficient recovery. Polar Grit X has been packed with the most innovative functions, all ready for you to explore for yourself!

A strong-willed outdoor watch that will stay with you all the way to the finish line

Focus only on what’s relevant. Polar Grit X is an outdoor multisport watch which definitely won’t come in the way of your performance. This lightweight watch weighs only 64 grams and its durable case has been designed to also endure a tougher workout. Enjoy the long battery life of this relentless training, which lasts up to 100 hours because of the ultra-smart battery saving modes. You can now keep going as long as you can and your watch will stay with you. Polar Grit X meets the MLT-STD-810G quality standards and offers you up to 40 hours of training time without breaks. Nothing is as upsetting as a battery that runs out in the middle of a great workout. With Polar Grit X we can finally let go of this scenario.

Versatile training features motivating you to aim higher

Enjoy the premium-level training functions that this watch has to offer. By connecting your Polar Grit X to the popular Polar Flow training platform you’ll be able to discover even more. This outdoor multisport watch brings you a step closer to reaching your goals. Experience the brand new smart FuelWise™ function which assists you in optimizing your food intake to keep your energy levels in balance throughout your performance. This watch also features the familiar FitSpark™ function which allows you to improve your fitness level with the help of its tailored training programs. Let your watch take care of the planning. Now you can simply focus on making the most out of each gym session.

Stay on track even when your adventures take you to new landscapes

Are you feeling fed up with always ending up exploring the new routes. Experience the new Komoot routes of your Polar Grit X and explore new landscapes with the help of real-time navigating support. This innovative function keeps you on the track even on unfamiliar terrains. The innovative Hill Splitter™ has been designed to inform you about upcoming hills. See what you can reach when nothing can take you by surprise.

Efficient recovery is at least as important as your workout itself. Polar Grit X monitors your sleep during the night and keeps track of your recovery. The smart Nightly Recharge™ reveals the quality of your rest, letting you know when you are ready to hit the gym again. The watch is further equipped with the popular Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep monitoring function. Learn all about your nightly habits and improve the quality your nighttime sleep.

A brand we trust | Premium sports innovations from Finland

Finnish sports tech brand Polar has gone through multiple successful launches over the last couple of years and Polar Grit X is no exception. First, we saw the ultra-popular Vantage series take over the market with its new innovations and its renewed round design. Summer 2019 was all about Polar Ignite which instantly became a hit as the new affordable GPS watch everyone wanted to experience. With so many success stories under their belt, it’s inevitable that our expectations for Polar Grit X are set high. But yet again, Polar did not let us down.

Training functions:

  • FitSpark™ - Smart training guidance offering tailored workout programs
  • Training Load Pro™ - keep an eye on the strain caused by your training sessions
  • Polar Precision Prime™ - experience the ultra-precise wrist based HR technology

Recovery and sleep:

  • Nightly Recharge™ - learn all about your nightly recover
  • Sleep Plus Stages™ - premium-quality sleep tracking
  • FuelWise™ - nutrition guidance helping you in keeping your energy levels in balance

Outdoor functions:

  • Hill Splitter™ - an up and down-hill analyse
  • Weather forecast and current weather trends
  • Komoot for routing and real time navigation
  • A long-lasting battery and smart battery saving modes

A new update for Grit X brings new features for all users

The new Grit X 2.0.12 update was released in early 2022, bringing new features for existing and new Polar Grit X users. Check the list below to see the new features included in the update.

Polar Grit X 2.0.12 - New features:

  • Music controls - manage the music you listen to on your phone from the watch display
  • Runner’s fitness test - learn to optimize your heart rate, power and speed ranges

  • Make changes to your route during your workout
  • New ways to edit and manage your display
  • A more diverse range of watch face colours and themes
  • Decline incoming calls with your watch
  • Adjust the brightness of the backlight
  • Faster Glonass, Galileo and QZSS positioning
  • ZonePointer and ZoneLock - an easier way to manage target zones

Regularly update your Polar Grit X to keep your watch functions up to date. In addition, updates may resolve any detected problems. You can download the most recent software version free of charge by connecting your watch to the Polar Flow app or FlowSync and following instructions on your device.