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The problem with buying a watch is the difficulty of choosing it from a wide variety of different watches. It is impossible to say unequivocally which watch will be the "right choice" as it is always very personal decision. In this section, we let our employees have their say and tell us what they would choose from the range

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Free engraving

When ordering from us, you can choose to add a free engraving on jewellery. An engraving makes the gift more personal and memorable. You can easily order an engraving when adding a product in your shopping cart. This does not however affect our fast delivery time.

Dressing Finnish wrists for almost 40 years

Since its foundation, Keskisen Kello has been a pioneer in the Finnish watch and jewelry industry. Our passion is to provide our customers with expert service and a comprehensive range of products.

We at Keskisen Kello are an authorized dealer for the brands we carry and all the products we sell are available directly from our warehouse.

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Screen protector installation

How do you install a screen protector on a sports watch? Installing a screen protector is easy to do at home, just follow the instructions in our guide!

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Maintaining your jewelry at home

No matter what precious metal your jewelry is made of, these instructions will go a long way in maintaining it as good as new!

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Carat - One of the Four Cs of Diamonds
Understanding Carat and Its Impact on Diamond Value. This article introduces the concept of carat, the unit of weight for diamonds, and explains its significance in determining a diamond's value.
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Diamond ring
The Four Cs of Diamonds
How to Identify a Quality Diamond? Utilize the 4Cs rule of diamonds as your guide, and you will surely find a quality stone for your ring.
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