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It is advisable to protect the display of your sport or smarwatch with a screen protector. Once the display is protected, you can focus on training to the fullest without worrying about the screen getting scratched. Installing the screen protector is very quick and easy procedure to do yourself:

Step-by-step screen protector installation:

1. Obtain a screen protector that fits your watch's display. You can order the screen protector separately or as an accessory with the watch by adding it to your shopping cart from the watch's product page.

In addition to the screen protector, the package includes cloths for cleaning and drying the watch's display, and a sticker to remove any dust particles from the watch's display.

Whats included in the screen protector package

Polar Vantage V and screen protector

2. Choose a suitable workspace. We recommend installing the screen protector indoors in a dust-free area as much as possible. This minimizes the risk of dirt or dust getting under the glass. Also, wash and dry your hands well before installing the screen protector.

3. Clean the watch display thoroughly. Start by removing dust particles from the display with the dust sticker. Wash the display after you have ensured that you have removed the dust as carefully as possible. The screen protector package includes a wet and dry cloth to conveniently wipe the display of any fingerprints.

Screen protector and dust removal sticker

small wash cloth for the screen protector

First, wash the display carefully with a damp cloth (cloth 1) and dry it with a dry cloth (cloth 2).

cleaning the screen protector

close up of cleaning the screen protector

drying off the screen protector

4. After washing, you can install the screen protector. Start by removing the clear protective sticker that covers the adhesive on the glass. Hold the screen protector by the edges with your fingers so that you do not touch its adhesive surface.

Screen protector

Screen protector close up

5. Glue the screen protector to the display. Aim to center the glass as much as possible on the display, and be careful not to leave any air bubbles under the protector. You can ensure that the glass adheres properly by gently pressing from the center of the glass towards the edges.

setting up screen protector

installed screen protector

Note that the screen protector is intended to be slightly smaller than the watch display. This is because some watch models have a slightly curved display design. Try to place the glass as centrally as possible on the display.