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39 Items

Polar Unite - the fitness watch that helps you to get active but stay balanced

Polar Unite was launched at the start of summer 2020. This beautiful budget alternative is a great addition to the wide range of sports watches out there. With Unite you get all the basics at an extremely affordable price. Enjoy a wide selection of functions that support you in taking care of your overall wellbeing. This model is very similar to the popular Ignite family. The main difference is that Unite lacks the integrated GPS feature, but by connecting the watch to your phone you’ll still be able to use the GPS functions. Because there’s no integrated GPS the battery of Unite lasts a lot longer than Ignite’s. Ignite needs to be charged up after approx. 17 hours in training mode, whereas Unite keeps going until 50!

Polar Unite is delivered with an additional strap part with which the strap can be extended if needed. This means that the same model is suitable for wrists with a circumference from 130 to 210 mm. The strap is attached to the case with a practical quick-lock mechanism which allows you to easily change the strap whenever you feel like switching styles. Browse our wide selection of watch straps and find your favourite styles. Unite is compatible with standard 20 mm strap models.

Polar Unite is there for you on your road towards your full potential

This watch motivates you to train on a regular basis and makes it easy to stick with your healthy habits in order to stay in your best shape. Unleash a new dose of inspiration that boosts your activity and gets you moving. Polar Unite is like a personal coach that gently pushes you towards your next goal and your best life. Track your activity 24/7, count your steps, measure distances and stay up to date with your daily calorie burn. This watch won’t let you down with its innovative tools! Complete with sleep tracker, daily curated training programs as well as breathing exercises that help you in tackling any unnecessary stress. The watch is equipped with Polar’s advanced Precision Prime™ HR technology which tracks your heart rate from your wrist. With Nightly Recharge™ it’s easy for you to know whether it’s time to get in another workout or whether it’s better to allow your body to recover for a little longer. These are just a few examples of why Polar Unite might be the perfect fitness buddy for you!

Premium quality that we are used to expecting from Polar

Polar Unite definitely lives up to our high-quality expectations which we tend to have in terms of Polar’s sports gadgets. Polar is trusted by professional athletes all around the world and praised for its durability and accuracy. The full picture and needs of athletes at all levels are considered whenever a new Polar device is being developed. No matter whether you just move for fun and staying in shape or whether you’re a professional athlete with high needs for accurate data. All Polar products are manufactured at the brand’s private factories.

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