White Gold Jewellery

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Items 1-90 of 688

White gold jewellery for the ultimate level of shimmer

Browse our wide selection of white gold jewellery and find the perfect style for you. White gold is an elegant jewellery material loved for its luxurious shimmer. The material is commonly used in wedding and engagement rings and has been widely popular for the past few years. Our selection offers a broad range of styles for you to choose from. No matter whether you are looking for a modern and minimal design or something more decorative, we have something for you.

White gold is a precious metal blend which allows designers to fine-tune the desired colour scheme by playing around with the used ratios. Usually, the blend consists of pure gold, silver and copper. Zinc and palladium might also be used to balance out the colours of the blend. This category offers a wide assortment of styles and colours to choose from. If you are looking for the wedding ring of your dreams we recommend checking out Festive and Kohinoor. Both of these brands are based in Finland and known for their high-quality fine jewellery designs.

What is white gold worth?

The worth of white gold is largely dependent on the ratios of precious metals used in the blend. The more pure gold is used the more the worth. The gold content is indicated through carats. Jewellery is not made from 100% pure gold because that would make it too delicate for wearing. 14k to 18k is often considered the optimal level in terms of gold content.

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