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  1. Tommy Hilfiger Necklace 2780577
    Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger Necklace 2780577
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  2. Tommy Hilfiger Necklace 2780541
    Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger Necklace 2780541
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  3. Kohinoor 003-603 ring
    Kohinoor Kohinoor 003-603 ring
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  4. Kohinoor 003-621 ring
    Kohinoor Kohinoor 003-621 ring
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Items 1-90 of 1508

Engraved jewelry | a unique accessory

Say it with your jewellery! Browse our wide selection and find a beautiful collection of engravable gold and silver jewellery. It’s easy to turn a piece of jewellery into a personalized gift simply by adding a unique engraving. Back in the early 00s name necklaces were extremely popular and this trend has definitely made its comeback during the past few years. Maybe there’s a special date that you want to keep with you everywhere you go? Get creative and make the piece your own. An engraving can turn an otherwise simple piece of jewellery into something very personal. Something that you want to wear every day, everywhere you go. Our selection offers rings, bracelets and necklaces for men, women and children. Engraved accessories make a beautiful gift, no matter what occasion you’re celebrating.

Silver or gold jewellery?

It can feel tricky to make up your mind on whether to go with gold or silver. Both are classy and premium-quality alternatives and at the end, it tends to come down on your personal preference and sense of style. Some like gold, some silver and others both. If you’re choosing a gift it might be worth checking whether the person you’re buying the gift for has any preferences in terms of jewellery materials. Gold tends to look best with gold and silver with silver. Therefore it is smart to ensure you pick a material that will match with the existing jewellery collection of him or her. Explore our wide range of jewellery and find a style that is perfect for you!

A unique and personalized piece of jewellery

It can feel challenging to find a meaningful present. The perfect gift comes in actual use and brings joy for years to come. No one wants to give a piece of jewellery that gets forgotten somewhere on the bottom of an accessory box. A simple and classy style looks beautiful year after year and fits most styles. If you, however, find it a bit dull to choose for a very stripped-down design we think you should consider personalised jewellery. This is an easy way to turn a simple design into something unique and special. Our selection has something for everyone. We offer a range of styles for men, women and children. The engraving is always free of charge and doesn’t affect the delivery time of your item. We always deliver our products in their beautiful original packaging, which makes wrapping your present a breeze. Please note that engraved items can’t be returned or exchanged.

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