Rings for Women

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Items 1-90 of 1136

Here you can explore our wide selection of womens’ rings. Our selection has styles from different price ranges and materials such as gold, white gold, red gold, silver and quality stainless steel. Before ordering your ring you should measure your ring size is. This is easy to do at home, but if you need help with it there’s always the alternative to get it measured at a flagship store. We give you the option to get your ring engraved for free for most of our ring models. Please note the length of your engraving when you’re planning your order because not all models can fit a lengthy text. If you can’t find a suitable ring for yourself, you can contact our customer service. We are happy to help you look find the perfect one. All women’s rings are shipped to you fast from our own stock!

Style with detail

Rings are an easy and fun way to bring that extra detail to your favourite outfit. If your looking for an everyday ring you can look for a more minimalistic style that goes with any outfit. If you’re looking for a stronger and more personalized style, you can boldly try out combine different patterns and rings. By layering rings you have a limitless amount of possibilities to create different styles and details. If you wear several rings together, it is advised to put the largest rings lowest and smaller ones after them. This is for comfort, but it also creates a balanced look. Try to combine different stones and crystals to create an eye catcher.

Choosing the size of the ring

Before you buy your ring it’s advised to check your ring size. The size of your finger changes during the day and the best time to measure it is around midday at a normal room temperature. Ring sizes are marked as the inner diameter of the ring in millimetres. You can measure the right size in a jewelry store with a ring measuring device but you can also measure it at home. The easiest way to measure it at home is by twisting a small strip of cardboard around your finger and marking the spot where the cardboard ring feels comfortable. Afterwards you simply need to measure the inner diameter of the cardboard ring with which you can check the right size from a conversion table. Another tip is to measure the right ring size by measuring the inner diameter of one of your old rings.

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