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Mechanical watch for certainty and peace of mind

In a world where everything is filled with technological solutions and high tech, sometimes the old is better. A classic watch with mechanical movement is a safe and worry-free choice for a timepiece. It contains no electronics at all and is powered by the winding of a mainspring. The mainspring is manually tuned by turning the crown of the watch, giving you up to five days of power reserve. The energy accumulated in the spring is slowly released for the watch’s use. As a mechanical watch does not need separate batteries, it is also a more ecological option, and if well kept, the mechanical watch will last for generations, becoming an heirloom. You can also set the date and time by turning the knob.

A mechanical watch is always unique

As mechanical watches do not contain any electronics, their mechanisms are often handcrafted masterpieces, and therefore unique compared to, for example, battery-operated quartz watches. Because the movements are handmade, many mechanical watches are what are known as skeleton watches. In a skeleton watch, the mechanism can be admired either through the clear front cover, the back cover, or both. Our range includes mechanical wristwatches, mechanical skeleton watches, and classic pocket watches.

A mechanical pocket watch to finish off your black tie or white tie attire

Sometimes choosing a dress watch can be difficult, for example, the dress code may say that you shouldn’t wear a traditional wristwatch with a tuxedo, white or black tie, or with tails. A mechanical pocket watch is a perfect alternative. The classic, round pocket watch is ideal for parties and as a watch for or black or white tie, and we also have a wide range of matching pocket watch chains. You’ll find a range of mechanical Finnish-designed Leijona pocket watches in gold, silver, and black, which are easy to combine with cufflinks or a tie pin to create the perfect look. The Leijona mechanical pocket watches feature classic Breguet hands and can be personalized with the wearer’s initials. We always offer a free engraving on the pocket watch.