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Besides looking good the stylish Polar Ignite sports watch is equipped with the newest technical innovations. A reliable new-generation training buddy at a reasonable price. This watch supports you to reach your wildest training dreams while finding time to keep active in your day-to-day routines. Reach a new dose of workout inspiration by seeing your progress in a more tangible way. The watch is equipped with a vibrant touch screen with automated brightness control. At only 35 grams Polar Ignite is a beautifully light weight accessoire that is comfortable to wear no matter the occasion. Even though its slim design this watch is quite a power house when it comes to effectivity! Loaded with practical high quality functions which have been designed to support you in your training sessions as well as in recovery. Ignite is equipped with GPS, advanced wrist-based heart rate, personalized training guidance and measurement of your nightly recharge just to name a few. The watch supports overall well being in which your daily activity level is in balance with stress control and sufficient rest. The model is suitable for anyone from beginner to professional. The delicate aesthetic design ensures that this watch can be paired up with any outfit no matter if your heading to the office, school or the gym.

A solid dose of training inspiration with Polar’s new Polar Ignite watch

Most of us are familiar with the versatile benefits gained from exercise, but the practical side of getting started might still feel difficult. Find a new dose of training inspiration and support to optimize your sport sessions. Polar Ignite crafts you a personalized training schedule according to your personal fitness levels. Training becomes fun when you get to follow up with your progress from the watch’s clear graphs and charts. It’s easy to stay motivated when you see the improvement! Let the watch guide you accordingly with to your personal FitSpark training schedules. You simply follow the instructions and let the watch take care of the planning. Besides pushing you to improve your fitness level the watch ensures you don’t overwork yourself at the gym. It reminds you when it’s time to take a step back and rest. Learn to take control of your stress levels with the support of Serene and explore a collection of breathing exercises to calm your mind. Learn more about your sleep with the Nightly Recharge™ and Sleep Plus Stages™ which ensure you know when you’ve had enough time to rest. You can simply focus on the more important aspects of life. Stay active and have a good time!

Polar quality

Polar is one of the most advanced options on the sports watch market when it comes to tracking heart rate. This watch uses precision Prime multi-sensory technology which has been praised for its performance ever since it was first launched with the release of the Polar Vantage collection. Precision Prime measures your heart rate from your wrist by combining optical measuring with other sensor techniques. In this way you’ll get access to even more precise measuring! There’s no need for uncomfortable chest straps as the watch performs beautifully on its own. However, if you’d rather train with chest strap that’s fine too. The watch can be connected to a range of heart rate sensors. Polar Ignite’s built in GPS and GLONASS bring it that extra something. GPS is perfect for outdoor sports. Leave your phone home and head for a run. The watch ensures you stay on your planned route.

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