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Casio watches online!

If you’re on the market for a high quality watch that has the latest technological features, your choice should be Casio. The first Casio watch was launched in 1974, and since then Casio has been the clear leader in digital watches all the while making analogical watches, and small computer-like gadgets that you wear on your wrist and that have very diverse features. All Casio watches use the newest techniques from battery charging to accurate time measurement. The ‘Tough Solar’ marking tells you that the watch is powered by light energy, and ‘Wave Ceptor’ tells you that the watch uses radio signals to ensure the correct time. It is worth it to browse for Casio watches online because the selection is much wider.

The popular G-Shock watches!

The most popular and the best-known of Casio’s brands is without a doubt G-Shock. This collection has been on the market since 1983 and endurance was its starting point. Because of this all of today’s G-Shock watches are at least 200m water resistant, vibration resistant and shock resistant. In addition to that most of them are also magnetic resistant.

The high-class Casio Edifice watches!

High-class Edifice watches represent the accuracy and innovativeness that working with Infiniti Red Bull racing team requires. Casio is a proud watch supplier for this team that has won multiple F1 championships. The Edifice watches always use the newest technologies to measure the accurate time.

Pro Trek - the watch for outdoorsy people

You can find models that suit many kinds of outdoor activities and sports from the Pro Trek collection. These watches use a ‘Twin Sensor’ technique that measures air pressure, heat and altitude. The watches in Pro Trek collection use Solar technique which means that all light charges their batteries. This ensures that the battery will never run out, at least not at any critical moment.

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