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    Garmin Garmin Lily Sport Dust Rose 010-02384-13
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    Garmin Garmin Lily Sport Midnight Orchid-Deep Orchid 010-02384-12
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    Garmin Garmin Lily Sport Rose Gold-Light Sand 010-02384-11
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20 Items

Garmin Lily – a classy way to take care of your wellbeing

The new Garmin Lily smartwatch has been designed for those with an eye for style. As the smallest Garmin smartwatch so far, it is a beautiful choice for anyone who is looking for a trendy smartwatch that will look good on a smaller wrist. Garmin Lily is available in two alternative models: Classic and Sport. Garmin Lily Classic is equipped with a luxurious leather strap whereas Garmin Lily Sport is secured with a comfortable silicone strap. The case of the watch measures just 35 mm in width, giving the watch an elegant yet sporty look.

Garmin Lily comes in six beautiful colour options and the minimal design can easily be matched with your personal style. As it is easy to switch the strap whenever you feel like it, so we recommend you choose your smartwatch based on the colour of the display and bezel. This watch has the looks of a classy analogue, but take a closer look and you’ll discover that it has so much more to offer! The innovative touch screen is hidden under a beautifully patterned lens. Just a simple tap on the display to wake the bright touch display and you’ll have access to a wide selection of innovative smart features. This watch has definitely been designed with attention to detail!

A small and stylish smartwatch with big features

Garmin Lily offers a beautiful selection of innovative smart features in an impressively small design. It’s currently the smallest Garmin smartwatch on the market but this does not mean that Garmin Lily has any less to offer in terms of its features. Explore new ways for you to take care of your wellbeing with the support of innovative smart technologies. This watch makes it easy for you to track your personal wellbeing metrics such as your daily step count, heart rate burned calories, water intake, sleep and so much more.

Use Garmin Body battery™ to monitor your energy levels throughout the day. This feature has been designed to help you find the most optimal moments for rest and activity. During your workouts, Garmin Lily will track your performance as well as your heart rate and oxygen levels. The watch offers 7 pre-installed sports profiles for you to choose your favourite workouts from ranging from yoga and pilates to sweaty cardio and strength training. This watch has your back also when you need a moment to relax. Try the watch’s easy breathwork exercises and find a calmer mind through mindful breathing. Garmin Lily has been designed to support you in taking care of your mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Keep in touch with Garmin Lily

This watch has so much more for you to explore besides its complete collection of wellbeing features. Connect Garmin Lily to your smart device use it as an extension to your phone allowing you to keep track of incoming calls, messages and notifications directly from your watch’s display. If paired with and Android phone, you’ll even be able to send messages from the watch! The music control feature ensures you can skip songs and adjust the volume of your music, even when on the run. Lost the watch? No worries. Just use the Garmin Connect app to track the watch’s location and you will find it in no time. So much in such a tiny smart accessory. It is very difficult to not like Garmin Lily.

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