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Sports watch meets smartwatch:

Looking for a smartwatch with a wider selection of training and wellness features? These brands are known for their innovative sports watches, which are offering more and more smart features with every product launch. Think music player, contactless paying, calendar reminders, phone notifications and much more!

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Items 1-90 of 434


A wide selection of smartwatches for men and women

Find the best smartwatch for you! These watches are designed to complement your busy lifestyle. We have picked a collection of the most popular smartwatches out there and collected them onto one page. Here you can browse sports watches by premium brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Garmin. The smartwatch has grown more and more popular over the course of the past couple of years. Many like how these gadgets bring a new element of flexibility by making your favourite smartphone functions easier to access than ever before. Just a few taps on your wrist and you’ll be on track with what is going on. The variety of features is highly dependent on the smartwatch you choose. Some models function just like any phone would, whereas others offer you a beautiful collection of the most important basic features.

What is the difference between a smartwatch and sport watch?

A sport watch has been designed to support you in taking care of your wellbeing. The sporty design performs well in sweatier conditions and the watch is equipped with an impressive selection of innovative features to boost your training sessions. A smartwatch might offer you a sporty selection of features too! Most of these watches support integrated HR measuring, track your sleep, count your steps and offer you daily workout suggestions. But where is the difference?

The sports features of your smartwatch are usually just one element of your multifunctional gadget. A smartwatch supports a variety of functions which come in handy outside of the gym too. Depending on the watch model you smartwatch can be used for things like sending text messages, listening to music and paying for your groceries. A sports watch is the perfect choice for people who want to dive deep into their training metrics. A smartwatch, again, is more like an extension of your smartphone.

Remember this before choosing a smartwatch

There’s a couple of things that you should keep in mind when choosing a new smartwatch. First of all, is important to consider how well your watch will pair with your smartphone. Most smartwatches are designed to co-work with a smartphone. Some models work better with Android whereas others with iOS. Another factor we think you should consider is apps. Like smartphones also smartwatches can be personalized through a personal app selection. Check that your favourite apps will be available for your watch of choice to avoid any unnecessary disappointments.

The last thing we think is important to remember is the physical factors of your smartwatch. Are you looking for something ultra-lightweight or a slim design that will feel comfortable also on a smaller wrist? You might also want to consider how versatile the design of your watch is. Are you only going to wear your watch at the gym or do you need a watch that smart enough for the office? Some of our smartwatches allow you to easily exchange the watch strap. This will allow you some extra flexibility when playing around with styles! When it comes to materials you should again think about your own preferences. One might opt for silicone that is easy to clean whereas the other might rather choose for classy leather or stylish mesh. Have a browse through our watch strap selection and check what kind of styles we have available for the smartwatch model of your choice.

All our smartwatches are delivered in their original packaging always complete with their original warranty. We always aim for quick delivery-times so that you can get to enjoy your new smartwatch as soon as possible.

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