Suunto Watch Straps

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  1. Suunto D9tx Strap SS018215000
    Suunto Suunto D9tx Strap SS018215000
    Temporarily out of stock
  2. Suunto Spartan Sport Black Copper strap SS023313000
    Suunto Suunto Spartan Sport Black Copper strap SS023313000
    Temporarily out of stock

Items 1-90 of 102


A wide selection of Suunto straps online! Browse our selection of materials and colours and give your Suunto watch a new look. The strap can easily be attached to your watch without the need for extra tools. Re-style your watch whenever you feel like it!

Suunto straps - best value models

A Suunto watch has been designed to deal with demanding use, but in order for you to enjoy your watch for longer, it is smart to switch the strap of your watch every now and then. For example, sweat and friction can cause their marks on leather straps especially. Suunto straps are made to last and offer good value for money. Suunto grants all their straps a one year guarantee period. Browse our wide selection of designs and find the perfect strap for you. All our Suunto straps are shipped from our private warehouse which allows us to ensure ultra-quick delivery times.

Time to give your Suunto watch a new look

Suunto offers a wide range of material and colour alternatives, ensuring they have something for everyone. In this category, you find straps for models like Suunto 7, Suunto 9 and Suunto 3. Match your watch with your current mood or daily agenda. Did you already spot your favourite colour?

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