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Items 1-90 of 133


Keep your cards organized and safe in a card holder

Card holders have grown ultra-popular over the past few years. And we are not surprised why! This conveniently small accessory is designed to keep your cards organized and safe. Why carry a big wallet with you if you are only using cards anyway? Most cardholders of today are RFID-secure ensuring that your cards are protected. Browse our wide selection of stylish cardholders and discover your favourite models from popular brands lite Exentri, Secrid and Ögon designs.

High-quality wallets with style

Our wide selection offers a stylish range of premium-quality wallets and cardholders at an affordable price. Replace your wallet with something more modern and convenient. These wallets have been designed to be as small and secure as possible. Easy to keep on you, ensuring your cards and cash are safe. For example, Troika wallets are a beautiful example of how efficient a small wallet can be. Troika wallets are made from premium materials ensuring they endure years of everyday use. Ögön Designs is another favourite of ours. Their vibrant premium-quality aluminium wallets are made to last and cheer up your day with their colours. The stylish Thin King cardholder is designed by Finnish designer Aki Pesonen, a convenient model with handsome looks. One of our most popular wallet brands is Secrid, which is known for its innovative wallet and cardholder designs, made in the Netherlands.

When did you last buy yourself a new wallet? If you can’t remember, maybe it is time to upgrade to a new model. Wallets are also a perfect gift idea! All our wallets are shipped in original packaging and sent with quick delivery times directly from our private warehouse.

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