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We deliver our Polar Straps straight from our private warehouse to ensure that we can offer you the best possible delivery times. Especially if you are looking for a new strap to replace a broken one we know that speed is key so you can get back to insightful training as soon as possible. Our selection of Polar straps offer options for every style. Discover a wide range of materials and colours and find the perfect solution for you. The straps are easy to attach to the watch, no need for professional help!

A wide selection of Polar straps - find your favourite colour!

Do you want to give your trusted Polar watch a new look? Switch up the look of your fitness tracker with a new watch strap. We have ensured a wide range of colours and materials for you to choose from. Go for something classy and timeless like black or white. Or add a dash of extra fun and colour to your workouts! It’s been made very easy to change the strap of your watch! Get yourself a selection of colours and re-style your watch whenever you feel like it!

Find a fitting strap for your Polar Watch

We have Polar straps for a variety of Polar watch models. Find a new strap for your new Polar watches like Unite, Ignite and Grit X or re-style older models like A370. All suitable watch straps are also displayed in the watch’s category. If you need any help choosing a fitting watch strap for your Polar, we are here for you!