Polar Accessories and Sensors

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28 Items

A wide selection of Polar accessories and sensors

Here you will find our complete selection of Polar accessories and extra sensors. Get access to ultra-accurate training data with our most popular Polar HR belts: Polar H10 and Polar H1. Polar H10 is equipped with Bluetooth which makes it easy for you to sync it with your sports watch. The belt is compatible with the most popular sports apps as well as most workout machines at the gym. This category also offers a range of sensors for cycling and running. The Polar bike speed and cadence sensor allows you to make in-depth measurements of your bike trips. Learn more about your speed and how efficient your pedalling rate is to take your performance to the next level as a cyclist.

Polar Bike Mount makes it easy for you to track your data during your rides. The mount holds your Polar sports watch and is easy to attach to the handlebar of your bike so that you can keep your eyes on the road rather than on your wrist. Polar Stride sensor is designed for runners. The little gadget works via Bluetooth and can for example be attached to your shoe. Learn to improve your technique and take a more in-depth look at your performance. All Polar gadgets are shipped directly from our private warehouse complete with the original manufacturer’s warranty. If you need any help with choosing, please get in touch!

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