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Find the perfect Garmin watch for you at Innovation, practicality, values and service are at the heart of this brand. Garmin has a very simple goal which is to offer their customers navigation and communication tools to make life a little bit less complicated. This company has years of experience in different fields ranging from navigation technology for aeroplanes, boats and cars to some of the most popular sports and outdoor gadgets. The secret to Garmin’s success is their clear vision which is present at each stage from design to manufacturing, marketing and selling their products. The brand does not only sell and make products. Garmin has devoted a lot of energy in truly understanding the different needs of their various users. This brand has certainly done its homework and ensured their team has experience in every field that their gadgets cover. Browse the versatile assortment and find the perfect Garmin watch for you!

The best Garmin watch is the one that fits your needs

Garmin’s selection is very versatile which allows you to choose the most suitable solution for you from a wide selection of alternatives. Support your daily activity levels with a fitness watch like Garmin Venu, Garmin Vivomove or Garmin Vivoactive. The advanced Garmin Fenix smartwatch selection offers MIL-STD-810 approved durability and quality for those with a heart for adventure. Garmin Approach is the perfect golf watch to take with you to the green whereas Garmin Edge offers a wide range of features for cyclists especially. Remember to also check out our comprehensive collection of Garmin accessories and extra gadgets.

How did Garmin make it to the top?

It was 1989 when Gary Burell and min H. Kao founded Garmin in the US: The company was originally known by the name ProNav which was later changed to Garmin by combining the names of the founders. During their early days, the company’s main focus was on GPS units which were extremely valuable back in the day. One unit could cost up to 2500 USD. Garmin attained their first big client in 1991 when they started their collaboration with the US army. 1999 marked another milestone when Garmin started their collaboration with AirCell to produce advanced cellular air-ground link devices for affordable communication and navigation solutions for the aviation sector. By 2000 Garmin was already known for more than 50 different GPS devices and the company had a trademark for more than 35 GPS innovations. By then more than 3 million Garmin gadgets had been sold around the world. However, this was still early days compared to where the company has come to today.

Today we know Garmin as one of the most advanced manufacturers of GPS and sports technology all around the world. Browse our complete collection of Garmin watches and find the best solution for you! All our Garmin items are delivered in their original packaging complete with the original manufacturer’s warranty.

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