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Garmin Vivoactive - a compact smartwatch with captivating functions

The Garmin Vivoactive GPS multisport watch is a complete set in a small package. The watch is equipped with versatile functions to keep you going during your busy days. Use the watch to download and listen to music, monitor your heart rate from your wrist and pay for your groceries with the convenient Garmin Pay contactless payment function. The watch shows you your phone notifications directly on the watch face always keeping you on track with what’s going on.

When it’s time to workout your Vivoactive turns from a handy digital personal assistant to a motivating personal trainer. Choose from a variety of preinstalled sport profiles and discover new ways to move your body. Style the watch to match your personal style by choosing from multiple watch face alternatives and by easily switching your QuickFIT watch strap to create a new look. The collection offers a wide range of watch model alternatives to choose your favourite from.

The Vivoactive 3 series is known for its long lasting battery. The battery life of this smartwatch is up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and 13 hours in GPS mode. The Vivoactive 3 series has been completed with the launch of Vivoactive 3 Music. This watch fits up to 500 of your favourite tunes. Connect the watch to your bluetooth earphones and listen to music directly from your watch. Besides being able to download music onto your watch, you can use Spotify’s streaming service to get access to almost an infinite resource of music and podcasts. Say goodbye to boring runs!

Garmin Vivoactive 4 - wellbeing around the clock with animated training instructions

Garmin’s awaited Vivoactive 4 series was launched in the autumn of 2019. The renewed collection offers you everything you loved about the previous generations and more. One new feature is the watch’s 24/7 tracking of wellbeing. Use Pulse Ox to keep an eye on your oxygen levels and use the watch to gain more insight about your sleeping habits. With the new Body Battery function it’s easy for you to track what you’re energy levels are at. Know when it’s optimal for you to do your workouts and when your better off by taking a rest. Workouts just became a whole lot easier thanks to the animated training instructions of Vivoactive 4. Choose a workout and simply follow the visual instructions of your watch. Perfect for beginners but insightful for pros too! The watch is equipped with more than 20 pre installed GPS and training functions. A cool add to Vivoactive 4 is it’s safety function which is designed to keep you safe even when heading out to the unknown. Vivoactive 4 is available in two models. The smaller 4S model is the perfect fit for smaller wrists. The watches are compatible with bluetooth headphones and can be personalized with exchangeable QuickFIT watch straps.