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  1. Blomdahl Pearl White earrings 6 mm
    Blomdahl Blomdahl Pearl White earrings 6 mm
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64 Items

A wide online selection of durable titanium jewellery

Are you looking for jewellery that lasts? Titanium is our answer for those who want ultra-durable jewellery. This material is almost impossible to scratch!

During the past couple of years titanium has become more and more popular as a material for jewellery. Especially amongst men titanium rings have become a clear new trend. This material was originally created for industrial use. However, titanium feels at home in the wedding ring collections of these days! But why is titanium so great for jewellery? Firstly, titanium is an ultra-lightweight material which makes it ultra-comfortable to wear. Therefore, titanium can be the perfect fit especially for those who are not used to wearing jewellery. Titanium is also easy to bend into different shapes allowing the designer to let their imagination run wild. The colour scheme can be adjusted with different finishes allowing it to range from delicate light grey to darker tones. When it comes to maintaining your titanium jewellery, you’ll be happy to hear that this material is very low maintenance. There is no need to polish titanium and it is nearly impossible to create a scratch on its surface! There is one thing that you should consider when buying titanium jewellery. This material can’t be re-sized afterwards. Be sure to double-check your measurements before ordering your ring!

All our jewellery is delivered in original packaging. We ship our items from our private warehouse which allows us to offer you quick delivery times! Browse our titanium jewellery selection and order your favourite style today!

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