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Items 1-90 of 143


Better sleep by swapping your phone alarm for an alarm clock

Alarm clocks are back! Browse our wide selection of analogue and digital alarm clocks and find the perfect solution for you. Many have replaced their alarm clocks with the alarm feature of their mobile phone. This might sound convenient but turns out it would be way better for us to leave our phone out of our bed. An alarm clock ensures you wake up in time, but rather than grabbing for your phone first thing after waking up you can have a slightly slower start to your day. Switch off your phone for the night and go to bed without being reminded of unanswered messages or work emails.

Our collection offers alarm clocks from brand favourites like Seiko, Karlsson, Casio and Rhythm. We also offer alarm clocks for nurseries and for the young ones to learn how to read a clock early on. All our alarm clocks are shipped in their original packaging straight from our private warehouse in order to ensure you will get your order as soon as possible.

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