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A wide selection of sports watches for men and women

A high quality sports watch supports and motivates you on your training journey. Our selection offers you a wide range of premium quality sports watches from beloved brands such as Garmin, Polar and Suunto to choose from. A sports watch is a useful gadget for professionals as well as eager fitness rookies and those who just want to put a little more effort in keeping up with their wellbeing. Take your training session to the next level and start to follow up with your results with the help of concrete measures and data. A sports watch might be small in size but don’t be fooled by this. These tiny gadgets are charged with the most innovative functions that bring you that extra support in taking care of your wellbeing. Most of the models in our selection come with features such as 24/7 activity tracking and an integrated heart rate monitor. Besides functions that guide you on your way toward a more active lifestyle these devices recognize the importance of sufficient rest too. A sports watch can for example help you to learn more about how you sleep and whether you take enough time to recover from your gym sessions. Getting your hands on a sports watch is an easy way for you to take a little more control of your own wellbeing.

Today’s wide selection of sports watches might feel quite overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It can be difficult to recognize the perfect sports watch for you when the list of alternatives is infinite. We wanted to make the choice a little easier for you by gathering you our best tips for things to consider when comparing sports watches.

Which sports watch is the one for me?

There are a couple of things we encourage you to take into account when weighing your alternatives. Does the sports watch pair well with your current mobile device? Also take a look at the apps that your watch supports. If you wish to use apps like Endomondo, Strava or Runkeeper we recommend for you to check their compatibility with the watch you consider in advance. Don’t forget to look into the apps of the watch brands themselves. Apps like Polar Flow, Suunto App and Garmin Connect are designed to cooperate with your watch, most often providing you with a seamless user experience. Familiarize yourself with the apps and their differences and see which one seems like the one for you.

Like with any electronic device, long battery life is often a priority factor when comparing alternatives. Choose a sports watch with a battery that stays on track with your lifestyle and needs. The sports watch may come with exciting functions like GPS, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and a music player. It’s worth remembering that functions like these are often quite heavy on the battery. Especially if you’re looking for a watch that will guide you on longer runs, for example when training for a Marathon, we think it’s best to choose a model with less functions and a big battery. Would you still like to get access to those innovative extra functions? Most often these can be switched off when not in use in order to optimize their battery usage.

Remember to also compare the physical features of the sports watches. Do you need a model that is as lightweight as possible or something that looks good even when paired up with those more formal office outfits? If you live somewhere where the winters are long and cold, we encourage you to check how well the watch is able to deal with colder temperatures. If you are to wear your watch in the ski slopes especially, we would recommend for you to choose a model with physical buttons instead of a touch screen. No one is a fan of having to navigate on a touch screen with frozen fingers. There’s also a wide range of alternatives to choose from when it comes to watch straps. Choose a material that feels comfortable on your skin and that is easy to keep clean. It’s also worth considering how well the material deals with water! Most often you can change the watch strap afterwards. If you wish to be able to switch styles more often, we recommend for you to choose a model where the strap is secured with a convenient quick lock mechanism. Have a look at our wide watch strap category to explore all our available styles .

The most common sports watch functions

The functions of sports watches differ between models and brands. Keep reading to learn more about the most common sports watch functions to ensure that your new watch will have all you need.

It’s common to find a long list of pre-installed so called sport profiles from your sports watch. By choosing the matching sport profile for your training session you can quickly adjust the settings of your watch to meet the needs of your workout. The profile might affect the view of your watch display by only viewing you the data that is relevant for that particular sport. We recommend you to have a look through the supported sport profiles in advance to check whether your favourites are on the list. A heart rate monitor is also a common feature of sports watches. The HR monitor might be integrated in the watch itself whereas some models might need a separate heart rate belt. A belt is often considered to give the most exact and reliable data, however we think that the technology of integrated HR monitors has caught up and functions beautifully on its own too. Most often the watches with integrated HR measuring can be paired up with a belt too. It all comes down to your personal preference.

GPS and GLONASS are important functions, especially for those who love an outdoor workout. If you are passionate about orienteering or like to follow up with the distance of your runs we recommend for you to choose a sports watch that will keep you on the map. Your sports watch might also be equipped with a barometer which is a nice plus for hikes or mountaineering.

Sufficient rest and recovery are at least as important as your workout itself. Did you for example know that your muscles grow during your sleep. Without enough down time it is very difficult to reach those wilder fitness goals. Most of today’s sports watches also support your rest with functions like recovery monitoring and sleep tracking. With the help of functions like these you will know exactly when it’s optimal for you to hit the gym again.

Take a browse through our collection and compare the models. You can find more information about each watch model on its product page. The product page also includes a list of HR belts that can be paired up with the watch in question, making it easy for you to find what you need. We always deliver our watches in their original packaging, complete with original warranty.

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