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Citizen watches for men offers you a wide selection of men’s Citizen watches. We ship our watches directly from our private stock which allows us to deliver our products extra quickly. Citizen watches are divided into multiple watch collections such as Citizen Marinaut, Citizen Promaster and Citizen Eco Drive. Citizen's Radio-Controlled wristwatches for men are amongst our top selling models from the brand which we definitely recommend for you to have a look at. They update their time using radio signals which means your watch will automatically show you the right time with ultra precision.

Citizen is known as the world's leading watch and watch machinery manufacturer. Citizen's performance is especially strong when it comes to high quality technology. Due to excellence in technological skills Citizen has been able to create new solutions to improve information technology and other technical functions. 
Citizen Eco Drive has broken limits when it comes to controlling time. You no longer need to change batteries, as Citizen Eco Drive watches are powered by light energy. We deliver all Citizen watches in their original packaging.

The story of Citizen Eco Drive

Mid 1970s the world was facing an energy crisis. As a response to this Citizen started to look for alternative ways to power their watches. Back in the 1970s it was the battery operated quartz watches that dominated the markets. Quartz watches were however facing their own problems. It was an issue that the battery life was so limited. The user was required to change the battery from time to time which of course was a minus from the perspective of user comfort. The company was worried about the environmental effects of disposable batteries too. The social pressure around that time motivated Citizen to develop a wristwatch that would source its power from light. One of their challenges was to invent a new technology that would ensure that the watch would keep ticking no matter the light situation. After a long development process the company introduced their awaited Eco Drive technology and in 1976 they launched the world’s first analogical quartz watch that used light as its source of power. Eco Drive resembles the company’s exceptional technological achievements and care for the environment.

The Eco Drive Technology

Eco Drive technology can turn any light source into energy, no matter if the light is artificial or natural. Eco Drive watches do not need battery changes, charging nor winding to maintain their functionality. Depending on the model, these watches have a power reserve of up to 6-12 months when fully charged. This ensures your watch will keep on ticking even in complete darkness. Citizen has focused on developing two types of solar panels for their watches. In watches using their Ring Solar technology the solar panel is formed around the dial. In the Standard Solar technology watches the solar panel is placed under the dial.

The company has also dedicated itself to developing the energy saving features of their watches. Whenever your Citizen Eco Drive watch doesn’t have access to enough power the watch adjusts itself to less battery use by making its second hands jumps in two second intervals. When the battery is fully charged the second hand go back to their normal rhythm. Some of the watches pause in complete darkness to save energy. As soon as light hits the watch, the hands move quickly and automatically to show the correct time. Citizen has developed the world’s first battery charge level indicator for analogue watches. This feature helps the user to assess the level of battery charge in all circumstances.

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