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G-Shock watches online

The collection is very lively and current, and it always includes the trendiest colours and models of the season. G-Shock is a sure purchase because it looks good on every wrist. Many extreme athletes and other celebrities have taken this brand for their own. Among the most famous celebrities with whom Casio has made a collaboration model is Eminem. If you’re wearing a G-Shock you can move straight from work to extreme sports and your watch will move with you.

Extreme endurance!

G-Shock is an extremely durable watch. G-Shock was born from the idea to create a watch that would never break. The so called ‘Triple 10’ development concept guided the process of creating G-Shock. The ‘Triple 10’ comes from 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life. At a time when watches were known to break easily, the innovators of G-Shock thought completely differently. For over two years they had over 200 prototypes, a countless number of endurance tests, and extreme development. In 1983 G-Shock was ready to launch. Before inexperienced and unseen shock resistance changed the development of watches into a completely new direction. The structure of the watch, all-directional protective covering and flexibility had also brought new materials into the development. The words resilience and endurance received new meanings. At the same time G-Shock created new kinds of watch designs. During the whole 30-year long history of G-Shock, these watches have seen constant development and the newest innovations. The latest G-Shock watches are compatible with smartphones using the Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

All G-Shock models have:

Shock resistant case, 20-bar water resistance, Vibration resistance and Magnetic resistance

Casio G-Shock Limited Edition models

Casio G-Shock makes really fine and colourful collaboration models with several brands, stars and celebrities. The latest collaborations are with the lifestyle brand Burton that is mainly focused in snowboarding, the top alpine skier Louie Vito, Eminem and New Era. These special and rare Limited Edition models are very popular and are sold for a moderately high price on Ebay. These surely won’t be the last collaboration models!

The pioneer of urban style

G-Shock is on high demand among RnB and Rap youth cultures. And it’s no wonder, since these watches are constantly in the media worn by celebrities and music stars. Young people who are pioneers in urban streetstyle wear G-Shock wristwatches. Also many internationally top DJs have spread the popularity of G-Shock by wearing them while they’re touring the world.

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