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We are an authorized dealer of all the brands that we represent. We have the opportunity to offer you a factory order option of any ORIS watch you desire from their wide selection. If you can’t find the one you desire from our online store you can go to Oris’ own internet site and browse the selection from there. After choosing the desired watch, please send us an inquiry about that chosen wristwatch with details. Ask for an offer via email.

Oris is a Swiss watch brand that concentrates on mechanical watches. For over 100 years watches have been made in Hölstein, Switzerland for culture, diving, aviation, and motorsports. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic and chronograph watches. As a sole family business, it has been able to secure that every Oris watch is innovative, functional, moderately priced, and long-lasting. The watch brand has been widely awarded throughout the world and many world celebrities from actors to motorsport stars like Frank Sinatra and Mark Webber have worn an Oris watch. Oris watch has been seen on the wrist of Sean Connery in the movie “James Bond Never Say Never Again”

Oris watchmaking philosophy

After manufacturing watches for over 100 years, traditions and domesticity have become the most important values for the company. The company has wanted to manufacture purely mechanical watches. Those are designed by a strict philosophy that has been obeyed for many generations. The company has patented The Oris High-Mech symbol - a red rotor that can be seen on mechanical Oris movements. If you see this red symbol, you can be sure that the watch is genuine. The watches have been wanted to be designed with a distinctive style merged with innovative features. The company needs to be Swiss. The Swiss-made brand is a guarantee of quality and it is determined by their own laws. All Oris watches are Swiss-made and have gone through the highest quality controls.

The birth and growth of Oris watches

The company was founded in Hölstein, Switzerland in 1904 by Georges Christian and Paul Cattin. The growth speed of the company was fast and already in 1911 it was the biggest employer in Hölstein with over 300 employees. From 1911-1925 the company grew fast and continued opening new factories. In 1925 the first Oris watch saw daylight. Two years later news of grief encountered the company, as the company's founder George Christian died. A year later Christian’s brother-in-law Oscar Herzog was nominated as General Manager where he acted successfully for the following 43 years. In 1938-1940 the company presented the first alarm clock and a watch for pilots. In 1945 the company's hard work got rewarded and Oris watches were awarded for their accuracy. The company continued growing decade after decade and they presented an 8-day watch, a top-class diving watch, the first Oris automatic watch, and the first Oris chronograph. In the 1960s the company employed over 800 employees and produced over 1.2 million watches a year. The company manufactured its tools and machines and at the same educated over 40 engineers and watch smiths every year to guarantee qualified workers.