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Items 1-90 of 690

Lumoava - jewellery design from Finland

Lumoava is a jewellery brand from Finland which is known for its beautiful classic jewellery designs. Each Lumoava piece is designed and manufactured in the city of Kuopio in northern Finland. Lumoava’s designers source their inspiration from Finnish nature and life’s beautiful little moments. Discover the beauty of Lumoava jewellery and find your favourite from our wide selection.

Each of us has a story to tell. Memories, events and unforgettable moments that we want to remember and share. A piece of jewellery has the power to preserve our stories and keep them safe from forgetting. Words aren’t always enough and it can be hard to turn feelings into a meaningful message. Jewellery gains its true meaning once we start to wear it. A gift from your love, a friend or someone else you hold dear. The first rays of sunshine in the spring, the touch of someone special, shared joy and grief. All passed down with the jewellery from one generation to the next. Lumoava considers it their responsibility to ensure that their designs endure the pace of life. The very first piece of Lumoava jewellery was crafted at their jewellery factory in Kuopio, which is where the jewellery is still manufactured today. At the most northern jewellery factory of the world.

With a passion for responsible design - made to be worn and to last

Heart for design

The talented designers of Lumoava are inspired by the beauty of the surrounding Finnish nature, those little special everyday moments as well as life’s biggest emotions. Some of the jewellery is made by hand from start to finish. Lumoava also loves to explore innovative 3D design technologies which allow the designers to fulfil their wildest design dreams. When working on a new collection the designer, design director and modelling smith work closely together, sometimes for years, before the jewellery comes alive.

Recycled materials

Gold and silver are both materials that can easily be recycled. Most of Lumoava’s jewellery is made from recycled materials. Your new necklace might be made from an old silver spoon or someone’s old gold ring. From the gold used by Lumoava more than 99% is recycled. When it comes to silver 90% of the used material is recycled. Lumoava is precise when it comes to collecting surplus materials which are always a byproduct of the manufacturing process of fine jewellery. The designers even collect the precious metal dust for later use.

Manufacturing process

Lumoava jewellery is crafted at the world’s most northern jewellery factory which is located in Kuopio, Finland. The manufacturing process consists of both manual and technology-assisted steps. Each piece of jewellery goes through approx. 15 pairs of hands on its journey from our factory to you. In this way, every piece of jewellery that Lumoava crafts, is unique. Lumoava has found a sweet spot somewhere between modern trends and timeless elegance. Their beautiful collection offers variety for both men and women. We truly think that this jewellery brand has something for everyone. All our Lumoava items are shipped in their original packaging. Perfect if you are buying the jewellery as a gift for someone special!

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