Leather Watch Straps

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Items 1-90 of 228


A wide selection of leather watch straps

A leather strap is a classy choice that will probably never go out of style! Our selection offers you a wide range of leather straps to choose from. Browse our category by brand or colour and find exactly what you are looking for. We have timeless colour alternatives like black and brown leather but have also ensured there’s a good range of trendy colours to choose from. Remember to check whether the watch strap matches the lug width of your strap! All leather straps are shipped from our warehouse with quick delivery.

When should I switch the leather strap of my watch?

Leather is a durable material but with time it will start to wear off. Nothing sits as comfortable on the wrist as a well-worn leather strap, but to ensure that you keep your watch secure we recommend swapping the strap every now and then. This will also give your watch a fresh look and make it seem like new. Our selection offers leather straps by watch brands like Sinn, Luminox, Cluse, Triwa, Daniel Wellington, Hirsch and Suunto. Build yourself a versatile strap collection and update the look of your watch whenever you are in the mood for it!

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