Wrist Heart Rate Monitors

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Explore our complete selection of wrist heart rate monitors from popular brands like Suunto, Polar, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei! The wide selection has something for every need and every budget. A wrist heart rate monitor is an ultra-comfortable alternative to the more traditional HR belt. It is easy to keep the monitor with you at all times when it’s strapped onto your wrist. The device tracks your heart rate throughout the day giving you access to insightful data. A heart rate watch is often equipped with an optical HR sensor. The sensor tracks the beats of your heart via your wrist and translates this into easy to understand numbers which you can find on the display of your watch. Track your data in real-time and stay on top with your wellbeing. The watch keeps you motivated and supports you in taking a step towards a more active lifestyle.

How does optical heart rate measuring work?

Most of today’s wrist heart rate monitors use an optical HR technology which is also called PPG. PPG measures the amount of light that your bloodstream reflects. When your heart beats it sends blood to your wrist. The LED of your watch recognizes the difference in the amount of blood in your wrist and is able to use this knowledge for measuring your heart rate. One of the most advanced brands for HR monitor technology is Valencell, which is widely used for example in the watches of Suunto.

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