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  1. Leijona 5012-1882
    Leijona Leijona 5012-1882
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  2. Leijona 5172-4107
    Leijona Leijona 5172-4107
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  3. Leijona 5172-4048
    Leijona Leijona 5172-4048
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Items 1-90 of 335


Timeless Quality from Finland

You can buy stylish Leijona wristwatches for men and women from our online store quickly and easily. All watches in our selection will be shipped straight from our own stock within 1-2 working days from the order. For long has Leijona been the most well-known and best sold watch brand in Finland. The watches in their collection are really inexpensive in comparison to their quality. That’s why they are so well liked. The basic watches cost around 30 euros and even the most expensive ones cost less than 200 euros. Leijona selection is renewed at least twice a year, so it goes hand in hand with the watch fashion. It offers wristwatches for women, men and children. The aim of Leijona watches has been to transform the international watch trends to suit the tastes of Finnish consumers, and it has done a great job. Leijona watch collection is really wide and most of collection consists of everyday and festive watches. They also have sporty watches in their collections. We offer a free engraving to all Leijona watches!

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