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  1. Leijona 5012-1882
    Leijona Leijona 5012-1882
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  2. Leijona 5100-010
    Leijona Leijona 5100-010
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Items 1-90 of 337


Leijona watches - Timeless Quality from Finland

Leijona has been the most well-known and best-sold watch brand in Finland for over 100 years. These watches, made with high-quality mechanisms and materials, are very inexpensive in comparison to their quality and long reputation. And it is the reason why they are so well-liked. Your basic, everyday watches cost around 30 euros and even the most expensive ones cost less than 200 euros. Leijona range is renewed at least twice a year, so it goes hand in hand with the latest fashion trends. Leijona offers wristwatches for women, men, and children. In general, the Leijona's watch collection is really wide and most of the collection consists of everyday and dress watches. They also have more dynamic and sporty wristwatches in their collections such as chronograph watches for men, and classical jewelry watches for ladies. The range also includes mechanical pocket watches for men to be worn with their waistcoats. We offer a free engraving to all Leijona watches!

Leijona classic Swiss watch - made in Switzerland

Over 100 years ago, when Leijona started its business, the watches were made in Switzerland. To honor its roots, Leijona has launched a separate Leijona classic Swiss selection. This selection includes the most classical and timeless watches with a swiss mechanism. Each watch is manufactured in Switzerland. These swiss-made watches are a perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and timeless swiss-made wristwatch. These watches are powered with an ETA mechanism and have sapphire glass. The ladies' Leijona Swiss-made diamond watch is adorned with real diamonds.

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