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Show off your style with Pandora Me!

Pandora Me is one of Pandora's newest jewelry collections, with a design that's slightly more streamlined and smaller than the original Pandora Moments collection. The modern Pandora Me jewelry collection gives you the familiar freedom to create a Pandora piece that looks just like you with interchangeable Pandora Me charms, carabiner earrings, chain link necklaces, and matching charms. Add charms to your jewelry to remind you of important memories, moments, and people. Personalized jewelry is also a popular gift idea, making personalized gift-giving easy and fun. Check out our wide range of Pandora Me charms and find your favorites!

Our extensive Pandora Me range is constantly growing. New charms are released several times a year, and we add them to the shop as we go. All jewelry is delivered in its original packaging with fast 3-5 business day delivery.

How to attach a Pandora Me charms to your jewelry?

The Pandora Me charms are attached to the jewelry by threading the jewelry through the charms. The charms are compatible with all Pandora Me jewelry. Attach the charms individually or in beautiful charms clusters. You can choose whether you want to collect Pandora Me charms on a necklace or a bracelet. The range also includes a colorful collection of carabiner earrings you can personalize with a beautiful charm. Carabiner hoop earrings are one of the most sought-after trends due to their unique look.