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The Finnish Kalevala bracelet range offers a wide variety of styles for both women and men. A cute bracelet is an easy way to add color and texture to your style. If you wish to update your style or highlight some part of your body, a bracelet is a sure eye-catcher. Your style and dress are easily updated with a nice bracelet. From the Kalevala range, can choose a suitable alternative to cheer up your look based on the event or mood. All Kalevala jewelry is designed and manufactured in Finland.

When choosing a bracelet the size is important. You should choose the size based on the thickness of your wrist. If your wrist is thin you shouldn’t have too big and wide a bracelet or it will look too heavy on you. Then again if your wrist is big you shouldn’t wear too narrow or small jewelry. From our Finnish Kalevala jewelry range, you will find a variety of bracelets ranging from delicate chain bracelets to more graphical bangle bracelets. Fall in love and find the perfect bracelet that suits your style.

Bracelets for all styles

Kalevala jewelry is the gem of Finnish craftsmanship and combines modern and traditional design. The Twinflower collection designed by Kirsti Doukas was inspired by the beautiful twinflower that can be found in spruce forests and the poems of the Finnish poet, Eino Leino. The silver bracelet combines pink freshwater pearls and two oval silver rice bead chains.

Daydream jewelry designed by Tiina Arkko is timeless and simplistic. The bracelet is decorated with beautiful flower pendants. The new leaves and buds circling the bracelet resemble faith in the new, hopes for what is to come, and a myriad of dreams.

Live Hard Live Your Dream collection is a collaboration with the Finnish stunt group, the Dudesons. The design was inspired by living in the moment and the courage to fulfill your dreams. An inscription, “Live your dream”, can be found on the back of the pendant. This silver bracelet can also be used as a necklace. With the help of the adjustable length, it will fit everyone’s wrist. The biggest length of the bracelet is 60cm. You can find a wide selection of the popular Kalevala bracelets in our online store.

Choosing the right size for your bracelet

The size of the bangle bracelet means the inner diameter of the bracelet. If you’re getting a bracelet with a lock or an adjustable bangle bracelet, the best way to find your size is by measuring the width of your wrist. Measuring happens from the thickest part of your wrist. The width of your wrist is then compared to the length of the bracelet. The diameter of the bracelet needs to be somewhat bigger than the thickness of your wrist so that the pendants will fit comfortably onto your wrist.