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Kalevala Twinflower pearl jewelry

Kalevala Twinflower jewelry is the all-time favorite of Kalevala. It is designed by Kirsti Doukas. The collection is beautiful, inspired by a poem by Eino Leino. The collection represents a flower called the Twinflower. The collection includes three different kinds of Twinflower pendants, two different kinds of bracelets, a ring, an anklet, and earrings. The Twinflower pearl jewelry is timeless and suits women of all ages who appreciate beauty. The Kalevala Twinflower collection is made in Finland of high-class 925 Sterling silver and beautiful pink freshwater pearls. As the newest addition to the collection, the same pearl jewelry is now available also with white fresh-water pearls. By collecting the whole series you can be sure that your pearl jewelry will be noticed everywhere, in everyday and festive events.

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