Kalevala Dream

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Kalevala Dream jewelry series celebrates women

The Dream -series is perfect for those who want to celebrate the history of equality and courage in their jewelry. This jewelry series reflects the beauty and significance of modern Nordic jewelry design, combining delicate and sparkling elements into a strong structure.

Designed by Kirsti Doukas, the Dream jewelry has achieved the status of a beloved classic. The central element of the jewelry series is a lace-like silver structure that reflects the excellence and beauty of Finnish craftsmanship. At the heart of the jewelry sparkles a beautifully cut light blue topaz, bringing a fresh and elegant look to the pieces.

The story of the Dream -series dates back to 1906 when the Grand Duchy of Finland approved a new parliamentary order and election law, introducing universal and equal suffrage. This significant historical moment made Finland a pioneer of equality. The "Dream" jewelry series celebrates this over a century-old history and inspires by telling the story of individual courage and how brave voices together can change the world.

The Kalevala Dream jewelry is perfect for those who want to highlight meaningful stories and strong symbolism in their jewelry. The jewelry series's pieces are festive and elegant but also carry a profound message of equality and courage. These beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry serve as stylish accessories and reminders of the importance of celebrating and cherishing advances in equality.