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Efva Attling — timeless jewelry with playful details

Efva Attling is known for timeless jewelry that is often detailed with playful accents. We offer a beautiful range of Efva Attling earrings, necklaces and bracelets as well as rings. Tie your outfit together with a shimmering detail or get creative by layering your personal jewelry curation. All Efva Attling jewellery is designed by Attling herself and made from premium-quality materials including sterling silver, 18-carat gold and shimmering gemstones. Our selection offers jewelry styles for both men and women of all ages.

Browse our Efva Attling collection and find the perfect jewelry gift for a special someone or yourself. Every piece is delivered in its beautiful original packaging and shipped directly from our own warehouse in order to ensure fast delivery times for a smooth shopping experience.

Timeless jewellery since 1996

Efva Attling started designing jewellery back in 1996 creating beautiful accessories from silver, gold and diamonds. Her background in music and love of words is beautifully expressed in the personal message of each piece of Attling's jewellery. Efva Attling has shown us with her jewellery that something that is timeless and elegant can also be playful and quirky. Her jewellery is filled with humour, love and a healthy dash of seriousness. Attling wants to touch people with her designs and make jewellery that brings us joy in everyday life but also has the capacity to open up important conversations.

Efva Attling jewellery has been very popular in Sweden and around the world ever since the 90s. Their popularity grew rapidly among Swedish celebrities after Efva opened her own shop in Söderham, Stockholm. The breakthrough was further boosted when Attling's 'Homo Sapiens' necklace was worn by no one less than Madonna. Over the years, Efva Attling's jewellery has also been worn by many other famous people. For example, Meryl Streep has been seen wearing the Little Rose Petal earrings on the red carpet on several occasions. Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry and Alicia Vikander have also been seen wearing the jewellery by this popular Swedish designer.

Who is Efva Attling?

Efva Attling is a Swedish designer who is particularly known for her elegant designer jewellery. When Efva made her first piece of jewellery at the age of eleven, she had no idea that jewellery would be playing such a big role in her life. Her first piece of jewellery was a bracelet made of forged metal inspired by the elegant shape of a swan. At the age of 16, Efva Attling scored an apprenticeship at Bengt Liljedahl, one of Sweden's most renowned goldsmiths. The art of craft became a love, but it was another 25 years before Efva decided to pursue a career in jewellery design.

Efva spent her childhood in Högdalen, Stockholm, and grew up in a musical family together with her four siblings. Efva's father worked as a pastry chef but was also known as a part-time jazz musician. The idea that music and words have a great impact on people has always been important to Efva. This is also reflected in Efva's jewellery and her design philosophy, which she describes as 'Beauty with a thought'.

Prior to her career as a jewellery designer, Efva worked as a model for the world-famous Eileen Ford Ford Models agency. Efva worked as a model for 12 years and was able to travel to cities like Paris, Milan, London and New York for work. Vogue and Fendi are just a few examples of the big names that Attling posed for during her career. In 1981, Efva decided to change careers and formed the band X-models, whose song 'Two of Us' was a huge hit in Sweden. Efva, who wrote and composed the song, won two gold albums for her work. Alongside her music career, Attling also got into fashion design, designing clothes for international brands such as Levi's and H&M, as well as her own maternity clothing brand Pretty Pregnant.

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