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12 Items

Browse our wide selection of fitness trackers from popular brands like Garmin, Polar, Fitbit and Suunto. A fitness tracker helps you stay on top of your daily level of activity. Keep an eye on how much you move and find new motivation that will support you on your journey towards the healthiest version of yourself. Many activity trackers are equipped with a pedometer and integrated HR monitor which will give you access to insightful data regarding your wellbeing. All products are shipped directly from our warehouse in their original packaging, including their original manufacturer’s warranty. Discover the perfect fitness tracker for you and take a step towards better health. Why get started tomorrow if you can do it today already!

Track your activity with a watch

A wearable activity tracker makes it easy for you to track your activity on a daily basis. The tracker looks like a watch and can be worn on the wrist everywhere you go. Usually, the fitness tracker is equipped with a range of advanced sensors that keep track of factors like your daily calorie burn, sleep and step count. The tracker has been designed to help you get a better grip of balancing your daily amount of activity with an optimal amount of rest and recovery. Connect your activity tracker to your mobile phone or computer to get access to even more features and data. It is good to keep in mind that the data gathered by the tracker is an estimate and not the absolute truth. However, the data you’ll get access to will give you a good understanding of where you are at, especially when comparing your own progress on a day to day basis. Take the time to browse our selection and find the most optimal fitness tracker for you. If you need any help with choosing, we are here to help you!

The basic features of an activity tracker

The key purpose of an activity tracker is to get its wearer up and moving. The tracker recognizes every move you make and is able to tell you how many steps you’ve taken during your day and how many calories you’ve approximately burned. You’ll get an easy to understand summary of your daily level of activity. You’ll soon learn to recognize how much of a difference the little things like taking a lunchtime walk or climbing up the stairs can have on your overall level of activity. We are sure you’ll find new motivation from it when these things become more concrete and visible. Set yourself a daily activity goal and challenge your friend or colleague to join you. The fitness tracker will remind you to get up and moving if you spend too much time sitting. Most activity trackers also support features for sleep monitoring. Enough and good quality sleep are both key when it comes to living a healthy life!

Most of our activity trackers can be connected to your mobile device in order to enable smartphone notifications. Keep track of incoming calls and messages as well as your calendar reminders. The main difference between active trackers and sports watches is that activity trackers are a more minimal version offering you all you need but less in terms of extra features. An activity tracker is the perfect choice for a person who’d just want to gain a better understanding of how much they move throughout the day. If you are looking for a watch that will support you in your workouts or help you in planning the most optimal route for your run, we recommend checking out our wide range of sports watches. Ultra-long battery life is one of the key benefits of fitness trackers. Since the tracker is more minimal in terms of features, it requires less energy to operate. Usually, the fitness tracker will last for multiple days or even weeks before it needs to be charged again if it is used without GPS feature.

Should I buy an activity tracker?

The wide selection of activity trackers today can make it a little bit intimidating for you to make it your choice. Here are some of our key tips for choosing the best activity tracker for you. Think of the features that are most important to you and the kind of data you would like to collect. Is it mainly the basics or do you need something a little more advanced? Activity trackers are designed to suit a wide range of fitness levels. You could be someone only just getting back to moving a little more, or a professional athlete needing access to as much data as possible. Find a good dose of new motivation and get moving! Activity trackers are also the perfect gift idea. Because these models are suitable for so many different levels, you can be sure that the tracker will work in a wide variety of cases. All our fitness trackers are shipped in their original packaging and shipped with our quick delivery service!

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