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    Armani MATTEO AR11327

45 Items

Giorgio Armani is known from elegant men’s suits and top fashion, and his design lives strongly in the Emporio Armani watch collection. If you need a classic and precious looking watch you most likely are browsing the right category. We deliver products quickly and offer an engraving free of charge. The Armani watch is always a secure choice for a present!

Emporio Armani Quality

The Emporio Armani watches represent quality, timeless style and exquisite lines. Giorgio Armani has created a popular and modern watch collection which combines sophisticated details, relaxed modern looks and stylish shapes. The Emporio Armani watch collection uses always the best materials: scratchless ceramics, stainless steel, genuine leather and durable silicone. These materials combined together with innovative design, are the core of the collection. From this collection you can find something for every fashionable person because it contains dress watches as well as sportive ones and watches for everyday use.

EXquisite design and modern details

Emporio Armani’s wristwatches are popular among the fashionable people. People who want to express trendy and urban style with their watches. From the popular watch collection you can find something for everybody: exquisite leather straps as well stainless steel bracelets. Emporio Armani’s watches are for those who are looking for a trendy and chic timeshower.

Philosophy of Giorgo Armani

Giorgio Armani’s own philosophy: “a watch tells more than just time” guidelines his work as a watch designer. Armani believes that a watch exposes always something about the wearer. Whether you like a relaxed sportive watch, an accessory to your favourite outfit or an eye catcher for a celebration; you will find just the right watch from Emporio Armani’s collection.

Armani as a synonym for quality and style

The international Italian fashion house House of Giorgio Armani S.P.A is famous for the high quality design and high class product lines. After the opening in 1975 Armani’s logo has decorated many products such as shoes, bags, watches, jewellery, eyeglasses and cosmetics.

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