MiLTAT Watch Straps

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Respected bracelet brand with quality products

MiLTAT is globally recognized bracelet manufacturer that has a broad selection of aftermarket straps for numerous brands. The brand is well known for their excellent steel bracelet for many Seiko models, but they also make straps that fit brands such Orient, Omega, Grand Seiko etc. Find the perfect watch strap for your Seiko favourites like the SKX, Samurai, Turtle, Cocktail Time and many more.

MiLTAT straps are designed from start to finish to meet the highest quality and style standards. MiLTAT’s bracelets combine quality materials with excellent finishing. They are reasonably priced and well in the line with the quality that they offer. They use high quality steel and leather in their straps so you can be sure that they are enjoyable to wear and look wonderful even after long time of using them. Bracelets are well engineered and manufactured which can be felt in the smoothly articulating bracelet links.

Wide range of different bracelet models and designs

MiLTAT has generic bracelets that can be fitted any watch with correct lug width. The brand also offers a wide range of model specific bracelets that are designed to perfectly fit specific models. These model specific bracelets are designed to fit very snug without any extra rattling or jingle. MiLTAT has a good reputation among watch enthusiasts because of their good quality and their value.

They have a wide range of different bracelet models and designs so you can be sure that you can find a model that fits your needs and preferences. Bracelets are easy to adjust to different wrist sizes directly at home with just a few basic tools. Clasps are also equipped with micro adjustments so it can be adjusted to be very comfortable to any wrist size.

MiLTAT offers both styles in premium-quality 316L stainless steel and high-end rubber. All MiLTAT straps are shipped directly from our private warehouse which allows us to ensure ultra-quick and precise delivery times! It’s time to treat your favourite watch on a new strap.