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Karlsson wall clocks - a wide selection of Dutch clocks

Karlsson is a part of the Dutch Present Time concern. This brand is devoted to clocks that are designed to be a part of the home's interior. Karlsson wall clocks are known for their beautiful design and functionality. Experience a selection of beautiful clocks that have been designed by the brand’s talented in-house team as well as in collaboration with some of the most talented international designer names.

Stylish wall clock collections

Our selection offers a wide selection of minimalistic clocks that are easy to read and fit the aesthetics of a Scandinavian home. Discover your favorite from the versatile assortment of Karlsson collections. One of our favorites is Karlsson Originals. These timeless clocks represent the classic picture that most of us associate with a clock. The Originals clocks are streamlined and simple in their functional designs. This collection is perfect for anyone who’s looking for something timeless! Even though this is the brand to turn to for classy designs, Karlsson is also known as one of the trendiest wall clock brands. This business has an eye for style and regularly updates its selection according to the latest trends.

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