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5 Items

A wide selection of wall clocks online - find the perfect wall clock for your home and order today with our quick and precise delivery. Discover wall clock styles from popular brands like Seiko, Rhythm and Karlsson.

Wall clocks are a style statement as much as they are practical. Whether you are looking for something minimal or a wall clock that catches your eye, you’ve found the right selection. Because most of us have access to a clock on our mobile phone, you might think that there’s no need for an additional wall clock. However, we think you should reconsider it. A wall clock keeps you up to date with time even when it’s time to switch off your phone for a bit. It is also quicker to check the time with one look at the wall. Our collection offers a wide selection of wall clocks for you to choose your favourite from. From our wide selection you can find wall clocks for every room including nursery wall clocks for kids rooms. We update our selection regularly and only represent high-quality brands that we know we can trust.

Looking for a wall clock for the office? Ensure your whole team is in sync and equip the office with a wall clock. By choosing a bigger design you ensure that the wall clock is easily visible. All our wall clocks are shipped in their original packaging, straight from our private warehouse in Tuuri, Finland.

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