Thomas Sabo Charm Club Fatimas hand charm 1052-404-17

The Thomas Sabo Hand of Fatima charm 1052-404-17 is a beautifully bohemian detail. This charm is made of stunning 925 sterling silver and is said to protect its wearer against all things bad. In the Middle East is that the Hand of Fatima is seen as a symbol for protection. The hand is decorated with imitation turquoise which makes a vibrant detail. You can wear the charm on your Thomas Sabo bracelet or necklace. Style it on its own or pair it up with other Thomas Sabo charms from your collection. The charm is delivered in its original Thomas Sabo packaging.

Browse our wide selection of Thomas Sabo Charm Club jewelry and start to build your own collection of charms. The charms can be attached onto a Charm Club bracelet or necklace to create a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your personal story and beloved memories.

SKU 14779
Brand Thomas Sabo
Stone type Ornamental stone
Category Ladies' jewellery
Jewellery type Collectibles, Charm
Material Silver
Collection Charm Club, Sterling Silver
Theme Other, With stones
Color Silver, Turquoise
Stone color Turquoise
mpn 1052-404-17