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79 Items

Garmin Venu - a GPS smartwatch with Amoled display

The Garmin Venu Amoled GPS smartwatch is the perfect training buddy for those who like a visual take on training guidance. The watch’s animated workouts support your wellbeing and push you to reach better results with your training sessions. Venu is equipped with beautiful functions such as contactless payment, music and inbuilt GPS. Tailor the functions to fit your personal needs. It’s not only the functions that wow us when it comes to Garmin Venu. The watch is top level when it comes to technological performance. Venu is the first Garmin watch which is equipped with a 1.2 inch 390 pixel AMOLED screen, previously featured on smartphones. On top of the 20 pre-installed training profiles, the watch offers you a wide range of functions to support your wellbeing on other aspects of life. Monitor your breathing rhythm and us Body Battery to follow up with your energy levels. Pulse Ox allows you to track the saturation of oxygen in your blood based on your wrist based pulse. On top of this Venu keeps an eye on your sleep and teaches you more about the quality of your nightly rest. Choose from a variety of colour alternatives. The watches are covered with durable Corning Gorilla glass and can be combined with exchangeable 20mm watch straps.

Reach your goals with animated training guidance

The beautiful Garmin Venu Amoled GPS watch is the first of its kind to offer you animated training instructions for your workouts (strength, cardio, yoga and pilates). The instructions are easy to follow from the big and bright AMOLED display now featured on Garmin watches for the first time. Formerly AMOLED has only been used on smartphones. In comparison with other display types AMOLED is less demanding on the battery life of your watch. Because of the animated workouts it’s now easier than ever to do your workouts ‘’right’’. No need to worry whether you’re doing that exercise in the right position or not. Simply follow the workout tips of your digital training buddy. Combined with the inbuilt supportive functions to improve your wellbeing Venu is the ultimate watch to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle. The watch keeps you on track with factors such as your hydration levels and level of recovery. Know when it’s optimal for you to take a rest and head back to the gym when your watch notifies you that your body is ready for a new workout. The watch offers integrated GPS (GPS; Glonass and Galileo) for the fans of outdoor workouts. Stay on track even when choosing an unfamiliar route for your runs and stay adventurous! The safety function allows you to train with a piece of mind. In case of emergency you can reach your pre-installed emergency contacts with your watch. Venu is also the perfect match for those who like to do their workouts in the water. The watch is water resistant to 50m and comes with includes a special training function for your pool workouts.

A complete package

One reason why we love Venu is that it’s complete on its own. No need for extra gadgets! The watch receives your phone notifications and it allows you to even answer to messages directly from your watch screen (only with Android). Use Garmin Pay to pay for your shopping and make your workouts more fun by downloading a workout soundtrack with your favourite tunes. The watch gives you access to music services such as Spotify®, Amazon® Music and Deezer. The battery of Venu lasts up to 5 days in smartwatch mode.

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